How To Make DIY Earrings Out of Paper

You read that right!

Paper DIY Earrings - Crafts UnleashedThese earrings are made out of craft paper.

Paper DIY Earrings 3- Crafts UnleashedNow you have no excuse not to match every outfit! Make custom DIY earrings for every holiday, sports team or event!

Get excited! For just a few pennies, and a little time you can create a whole supply of new earrings.

Supplies needed to make your own DIY earrings from paper:

Paper DIY Earrings b1Let’s get started! You will want to cut all of your shapes first. Choose your shapes and papers according to preference.

You could also use heavy pre-patterned paper. I love using Core’dinations Glitter Silk paper. It cuts easily, and is already glittered, yet it is not stiff like other glitter papers I have used. It is flexible and sturdy and perfect for this project.

Did I mention it was glittery?

Paper DIY Earrings b8See how pretty?

With your shapes, think outside the box. You don’t need any fancy tools.

I loved the swirly, loopy bottom of this ribbon border punch I had in my stash.

Paper DIY Earrings b2With some imagination, and a little cutting, I incorporated it into a set of earrings!

Paper DIY Earrings b3 Paper DIY Earrings b4Use a small hole punch to create a hole for the jump ring and fish hook.

Paper DIY Earrings b5These earrings are cute, but I wanted them more “airy.” You are only limited by your imagination on this project! If you make something you don’t like, you are only out a small scrap of paper!

I used my craft knife to cut out the center of the triangle.

Paper DIY Earrings b6

Paper DIY Earrings b7Then I was happy with them.

Remember when I said to go crazy with your imagination? Well, my girls and I went through my craft room to see what we could find.

We used die cuts:

Paper DIY Earrings b9And pieced together punches and shapes cut from my Silhouette machine.

My girls had a ball inventing earrings!

Paper DIY Earrings b14(The earring backs shown here are clip-on fasteners for my youngest daughter.)

The final step in this project is to seal the finished shape with Dimensional Magic. This gives a glossy, professional look to the paper, and also adds thickness for stability.

Coat the shape (layers and all) with Dimensional Magic.

Paper DIY Earrings b12Here is a photo of a shape that is coated (right) and an un-coated shape (left.) You can see how the Dimensional Magic domes up, and creates an acrylic-like finish.

Allow the Dimensional Magic to dry thoroughly.

Paper DIY Earrings b13Some of the earrings I made, I doubled up. If the shape was symmetrical, I glued two shapes together, so if the earring flipped over- it was the same on the back.

Paper DIY Earrings b11To finish your DIY earrings- add a jump ring to the hole you created.

Paper DIY Earrings b15Then attach the fish hook earring wire.

Paper DIY Earrings b16Then get ready to model your new DIY earrings!

Paper DIY Earrings 2- Crafts UnleashedBe prepared to receive compliments.

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  1. says

    This is such a great project idea! I’ve never heard of Dimensional Magic before, I will definitely be heading out to buy some! I wanted to add also, that if you have a Silhouette Cameo there’s really no end to the shapes you could make, instead of having multiple die cutters.

  2. Ana Zahler at Swiss Zahler Art Gallery says

    Excellent combination between scrapbooking and jewelry.
    For sure it would keep the kids busy, entertained and out of trouble.
    The whole family can work together doing these earrings.
    This project would develp creativity in everybody.


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