Oven Bake Clay Domino Pendants

If you haven’t tried oven bake clay, or haven’t used it lately, here’s a simple and fun project that’s not only fun to make, but fun to wear! Making these pendants will pull you headlong into a new clay jewelry making obsession. Simple geometric shapes pop in a fun color, and a domino makes a sweet pendant.

Oven Bake Clay Domino PendantSupplies needed to make your own oven bake clay pendants:

The hardest part of this oven bake clay project is deciding what colors to use.

Smooth the edges of your clay brick and slice an even rectangle.

Use a knife to score the center and a ball point pen to add the circles.

Bake your clay as directed – for this size it was just 15 minutes at 275F.

Glue the bail to the back of your domino.

Wait 30 minutes and hang it on a chain!

Oven Bake Clay Domino Pendant


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