Mini Terrarium Necklaces

I’ve been on a terrarium kick! I thought it’d be fun to turn one into a wearable piece of jewelry, so I’m going to show you how I made my terrarium necklace today. It’s a fun and versatile accessory.

Supplies needed to make your own mini terrarium necklaces:

Start off by misting your moss with water. Sheet moss is really dry and brittle to begin with, so misting it will make it easier to work with. Blot excess water with a paper towel. You want the moss damp, not soaking wet.
Pick a few choice bits of moistened moss for your terrarium. You’ll want pieces that have a lot of green in them. Make sure they’re not too big for the glass bottle. Don’t put the moss in yet.
Fill the bottle with a bit of sand. I filled mine about 1/8 full.
Next, take your bits of moss and carefully place them into the bottle. I had to trim the ends a little, to make them fit better. You can use your pliers to push the moss in first, then use the screw driver to spread out the individual pieces of moss within the bottle.
Now let your terrarium sit for an hour or two with the cork top off, so that the moss inside can dry out. If you don’t, it might mold inside.

Once the moss has dried, glue the cork cap on. I put a thin layer of Fabri-Tac on the cork, then pushed it on, wiping the excess glue off the top of the cork.
The last step is to put the necklace cord on. Cut off a long length of linen cord. I wanted a long necklace, so I cut off 2 feet of cord. Line up both ends of the cord, then slip them through the ring on the cork top. Thread the two ends through the loop that forms, to create a knot around the ring on the cork top. Then tie the two ends together to your desired necklace length.
So there you have it: an easy-to-make terrarium necklace. Hope you enjoyed this project!


  1. CoyCoquette says

    I love these living necklaces! They remind me of some I found on @kneesonleaves instagram. Knees on Leaves terrarium necklaces are super cute and ready to wear! (for the shop)
    I might try making my own now though!

  2. mark hall says

    where do you find your small bottles there is no craft storys where i live so i would need to order it online

    • says

      Hi Cyrus,
      mine has held up since October (i.e. no molding in the bottle). The moss does dry up, though, since you aren’t able to rewet it every so often and make it green that way. Hope that helps!

    • Colleen says

      To get the little bottles are in all crafts stores. Also I found some tiny bottles at the Dollar Tree, dollar store. They have real pretty glitter inside for finger nails. You can glue the little plastic stoppers on top and make a necklace with them using one bead and then one bottle and then another bead. You can put anything in them as long the stuff don’t mold. Good Luck, Colleen

    • Kellie says

      If you know know any nurses–you can use the small vials that medicine comes in. You’ll have to remove the label and make a stopper but we do it all the time. And–they come in various sizes so you can make different size necklaces!

  3. says

    Those are awesome! I always wanted to know what type of plant to use. Looks easy enough that I can even make one. Thanks for sharing:)


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