Mardi Gras Style Halloween Mask, Perfect for Younger Children

The Mardi Gras quarter face mask is perfect for my daughter for Halloween. She doesn’tIMG_5000 like anything around her face, near her eyes, or nose, so the full mask is just not a good option for her.

Luckily for me she loves her mask and I plan to make an equally vibrant costume to go with it for her this Halloween .

Materials Needed:
1016-20 Quarter Face Mask White
1019-25 Feathers
1019-28 Black Feather Boa
97848 Studio 71 Acrylic Paints


Begin by painting the base coat for your quarter face mask.


Next using Studio 71 Acrylic Paints paint the fine details of the mask. I tried to use bright vibrant colors that would really pop from the black.


Using hot glue attach brightly colored feathers to the outside of the mask. Don’t attach them to the inside because the ends of the feathers might scratch your child’s forehead. Hot glue boa on the top of the feathers to hide the stems.  Lastly, hot glue gems onto the mask for more bling.


Mask is ready to wear.

This is a super easy mask to make and is the perfect style for children who don’t like wearing full masks for Halloween.

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Sarah Forhan writes craft tutorials and craft reviews on her blog at Sewing and Crafting with Sarah.


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