Lucky Charm Memory Wire Bracelet

I am not exactly Irish, but living in a community where I am surrounded by those that are, I pretty much just pretend to be once a year.  To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to its fullest, I feel obligated to jump on the bandwagon (plus, it’s just plain fun!)

Obviously the first pre-requisite for St. Patty’s Day is that you must wear green – the more of it, the better.   To me, that means one thing- accessories!

This memory wire bracelet is easy, quick, ideal for beginners (even kids with supervision) and makes an adorable addition to any lucky green ensemble.



Begin by curling one end of your memory wire.  Being careful to not leave any sharp edges, use your round nose pliers to wrap the wire back and around into a loop.  This will finish the end and keep the beads in place.  This is fairly simple and better yet – if you mess it up, you can simply cut off that portion of wire with the wire cutters and start over.

String your beads.  You can plan your pattern ahead on a bead board if you so desire.  I just did a simple three of one green, spacer, two of another green, spacer and so on.   Continue to string until you get to desired length.  Cut the remaining wire if necessary and finish the other end by once again curling around your round pliers.

Add charms.  You can also string these in if desired (may work better for kids).  I like my charms to move a little more so I attached some of them with jump rings.   Simply open a jump ring with your pliers, place in desired spot on finished bracelet, slide on charm and close.

Curl the end of the wire as you did at the beginning, to close and finish the bracelet.

Another plus to using the jump rings; you can remove them later to wear this bracelet year-round.

This project was so easy and fun (did I mention economical?) that I felt compelled to use all four pieces of coil in my package, making various green themed bracelets.

Now I am fully equipped to hit the parade, completely embellished!

About Anne

Anne is the Director of ConsumerCrafts and considers herself extremely fortunate to have a job that she loves so much. She has been doing crafts her whole life in some form or another, whether it be slip covering a chair, building a toy box, making handcrafted invitations or laminating homemade placemats with her kids. She loves to try new crafts, as well, and finds nothing so satisfying as answering a compliment of her work with “Thanks, I made that.”


  1. Mary Ellen Falcioni says

    I have been purchasing my beads at one of the Pat Catan stores in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I am making bracelets on memoy wire and Catan’s do not have the spacers (anymore) that are the tubular ones, about two or two-and-a-half inches concave. I have started quite a few in the past, and now I have beads left over. My daughters, grand-daughters, friends would like a bracelet made of the silver-like tubes. All of the packages that I have purchased in the past are DARICE. Please advise if I may purchase a quantity of them. Thank You.

  2. J. Ryan says

    As a “Ryan” I’m always looking for something new and cute for St. Patrick’s Day or just for fun. Great project!!

  3. Liz Gorman says

    I found this extremely useful as a newcomer to jewelry making and I want to try it! How beautiful, too. Great instructions and photos.

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