Make Your Own Lace Butterfly Jewelry

I love the doily and lace trend that has been in the crafting world for a while now.  Something that used to seem old fashioned and outdated has found a new life in the form of tiny crowns, appliques and bowls.  This is my twist on that trend: DIY lace jewelry!  I used fabric stiffener to turn lace butterflies into pendants, and then Styled by Tori Spelling pieces made assembling my jewelry a snap.

Supplies needed to make your own lace butterfly jewelry:

To make your own fabulous lace butterfly jewelry:

1.  Remove the lace butterflies from the sticker adhesive (this is easy to do:  just peel slowly).  Wet them with the fabric stiffener and them place on wax paper to dry overnight.

2.  Once the butterflies have dried, attach a jump ring to the edge of each wing.

3.  For the necklace, attach the necklace top before you close the jump ring (as pictured).

4.  For the bracelet, close the jump ring and simply use the clasp on the bracelet builder to complete your bracelet.

5.  Embellish the butterflies with rhinestones if desired.


Voila!  I love how dainty and pretty it is.  It would be fun to paint or mist the lace butterflies with color to change things up a bit.  And if you don’t like butterflies, there are lots of other lace appliques to experiment with.  Have fun creating!

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