Jewelry Technique: Simple Wire Wrapped Loop

Making a wrapped loop is a technique that every crafter and jewelry-maker should master! Whether you are making fine jewelry earrings or making dangles for a candle bobeche, this technique comes in handy.

Today I’m going to get you started by making a beaded “dangle” or drop, using a headpin. Let’s get going!



  1. Thread the bead onto the head pin.
  2. Grip the wire directly above the bead with the chain nose pliers.
    Step 2
  3. Gently bend the wire over the edge of the chain nose pliers to make a 90° angle
    Step 3
  4. Use the round nose pliers to grip the wire, right next to the bend in the wire.
    Step 4
  5. Hold the pliers securely with one hand and use the other to firmly wrap the wire around the top of the round nose pliers.  Continue to wrap until it almost makes a complete loop.
    Step 5
  6. Gently rotate your wire loop around the round nose pliers so that they are positioned at the very top of the almost-completed loop.
    Step 6
  7. Hold the pliers securely and firmly wrap the wire around the bottom of the pliers until the loop is complete.  The wire should be perpendicular to the wire holding the bead.
    Step 7
  8. Remove the round nose pliers, and firmly grip the completed loop with the chain nose pliers.
    Step 8
  9. Use your fingers to tightly wrap the tail of the wire around the head pin, continuing until the wire is snug against the bead.  Go slowly on this step and make sure you have nice, evenly wrapped coils.
    Step 9
  10. Use the wire cutters to clip any extra wire remaining, as close to the bead as possible.
  11. Gently tuck the tip of the wire in, using the chain nose pliers.
    Step 11

Happy Wrapping!


  1. Sheila says

    Hi there. I had a stroke 2 years ago, and started trying to make jewellery 5 months ago. I have just managed to make wrapped loops, thank you for your help. Sheila

  2. Judy Hood says

    I like the step by step instructions. I have tried this many times, most of the time I get it right, but forget when it’s been along time since I have used the technique. Thanks, Judy


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