Flip Flop Refashion with Mod Podge and Styled by Tori Spelling

I love the ease of flip flops but don’t always like the casual look.  With a few supplies, and a little bling from Styled by Tori Spelling, I turned my clearance flip flops into a fun, feminine pair of shoes!

Supplies Used:


Part 1:  Mod Podge fabric onto flip flop

1.  Cut and remove plastic straps from shoe.

2.  Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to shoe.

3.  Press fabric scrap onto the shoe, smoothing out bubbles.

4.  After it has dried, cut off excess fabric.

5.  Seal top and sides with a generous coat of Mod Podge.

Part 2:  Add the straps to your shoe

1.  Use the craft knife to cut the fabric where the holes in the shoe are.

2.  Measure the tulle so it is twice the length of the shoe.  Cut three pieces of tulle.

3.  Wrap the end of the tulle with a piece of washi tape to make a shoestring effect.

4.  Push the tulle “shoestring” through the bottom two holes.

5.  Cut a fourth piece of tulle and tie it around the center of the tulle loop you just created.  Insert the ends in the top hole of the shoe.

Part 3:  The finishing touches

1.  Now that you have your straps, place the shoe on your foot.  Tighten the straps to your liking, then secure with a knot.

3.  Place E-6000 on the knot and cut off the excess.

4.  Take your pendant and remove the jump ring and back ring.

5.  Use E-6000 to glue hair clip on.

6.  Clip on to your shoe.

Rock your new flip flops!

Would you like to see more detailed step by step photos?
Here’s a video clip to help!

About Morena

Morena Hockley is the crafty mind behind the tutorials at morenascorner.com. She loves to share ideas for projects that are fast, frugal, and fabulous: easy on time and money, and great to look at! Morena is a stay at home mom to four young children, and crafting is what helps her maintain her sanity. It’s a wonderful outlet and it’s how she gets her “me” time. In a past life, Morena was an elementary school teacher and an assistant principal. She misses teaching, so her blog is in a sense a virtual classroom. Make sure to swing by and check out Morena’s Corner!


  1. sara says

    These are cute………But you do know the Mod Podge stays slightly sticky? right. You do know that Mod Podge Is not water resistant? right. So these would not be good for the beach or the pool.

    • says

      I used Mod Podge for fabric and didn’t have any sticky issues. You could always just put MP under the fabric and not on top so it still feels like fabric.

      I’ll confess, I wore a pair that I made to the beach. The fabric did lift up in places where it got wet, but when it dried it reglued itself. Still, I don’t recommend wearing them to wet places. They’re great for everyday use…I have made three for myself and one for my son!

  2. Morena says

    Daria, the knot gets pulled into the hole and flattened. I’ve made three pair of shoes like this and they are all super comfy!


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