Candy Colored DIY Jewelry Display

DIY Jewelry Display DishI’ve been brainstorming ways to show off my jewelry for an upcoming craft fair, and thought it’d be fun to make my own display. This came out out so well that I just might use it as my jewelry organizer at home!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY jewelry display:

Use glass cleaner and a paper towel (or just use a microfiber towel) to clean off any dust or fingerprints that are on your porcelain palette. You want to make sure it’s spotless before painting.

02Place your palette on top of a large sheet of paper or paper bag to protect your table. Then start painting!

03You can paint your palette as simply or extravagantly as you’d like! I painted my circular wells each a different color.04Then I used a foam dabber to stamp circles on the rectangular wells.
To get smaller and more precise looking shapes, I dipped my craft stick into a small bit of paint and used the end as a stamp, alternating colors.
Let the paint dry completely. Then spray the palette with acrylic sealer if you’d like. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated room, and let the sealer fully dry before handling.

Once the palette is dry, feel free to add your jewelry and start using it!

07Or you can do as I did, and just admire it for a bit first!




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