DIY Charm Photo Bracelet

Make an extra special gift for grandma or mom with this one of a kind DIY charm photo bracelet.  Anyone can make this easy to assemble bracelet for an amazing gift idea.  Follow along for complete instructions below then print some pictures and get started!

DIY Charm Photo Bracelet - Crafts UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own DIY charm photo bracelet:

DIY Grandma Photo BraceletMeasure your frame charms and print your pictures to the approximate correct size.  Trim away excess paper.  I printed my pictures on regular copy paper using the highest quality setting on my printer.

DIY Grandma Photo BraceletPush the picture into the frame with your finger.

DIY Grandma Photo BraceletUse the craft knife to mark all around the outside edge.  Do not try to cut all the way through the picture at this point.

DIY Grandma Photo BraceletRemove from the frame and use either the craft knife or scissors to trim all the way around the picture.  Test and make sure it will fit properly into your frame.

DIY Grandma Photo BraceletAdhere the photos to the frames using Mod Podge.  Be sure to coat the top of the picture very well.  Allow to dry completely.

DIY Grandma Photo BraceletAdd a coat of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and allow to dry completely.  Use your pliers to add jump rings in between the frames.

DIY Grandma Photo BraceletUsing jump rings, add the toggle and closure to the ends of the bracelet.

DIY Charm Photo Bracelet 2- Crafts UnleashedYour DIY charm photo bracelet is now ready to give to grandma or mom for any occasion.  Who would you give this bracelet to?  Maybe add in vacation destinations for a fun memory bracelet for yourself.  Any pictures can be added to this easily customizable bracelet!

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