How-to: Easy Custom Necklace Pendants

Today’s project is a fast and easy one that can be personalized and customized in so many ways!  Use old book pages, photos, or even scrapbook paper to create one-of-a-kind pendants and necklaces for yourself or for a friend!

Necklace-pendants-Crafts-Unleashed-2Supplies needed to make your own custom necklace pendants:supply2

Easy Custom Charm NecklacesThese charm bezels are a complete set with a protective, self adhesive epoxy dome included. Select your paper, and attach the dome exactly where you want it. Trim off the excess paper.  If you want book text, don’t forget that you can photocopy books in good condition, or re-purpose those with bad bindings.

Easy Custom Charm NecklacesAdd a coat of Mod Podge to your bezel, and attach the dome to the bezel.

Easy Custom Charm NecklacesYou can personalize these pendants in so many ways!  Check your scrap stash to re-use bots of your favorite paper.  The beauty is, you don’t need much at all!

Easy Custom Charm NecklacesOnce your charm is complete, you can make and assemble your chain.  (You can also use pre-assembled chain, but I really like this cable chain for jewelry, and attaching a clasp isn’t difficult at all!)  Just trim off your chain to the exact length you want.  The most common length is 18 inches, but if you like longer or shorter necklaces, bulk chain can accommodate whatever your preference!  Then, use jump rings to attach both ends of the clasp to both ends of the chain.

Easy Custom Charm NecklacesIn just a few minutes, you will have a finished piece to be proud of, that’s custom-made just for you (or a gift recipient!).  You do need to allow the Mod Podge to dry for a few hours (I usually just leave it overnight) but the active time making one of these necklaces is only about ten minutes, once you choose your paper!

Necklace-pendants-Crafts-Unleashed-1What would you like to capture in a piece of jewelry?  A photo?  Sheet music?  Do you like the book page look, or would you choose something else?  

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Adrianne is a writer, artist, designer, wife, and mom of 2 kids. She blogs at where the theme is tutorials and recipes that can be made in an hour or less. Her favorite projects are jewelry-making, paper crafts, and recycled crafts. She participates annually in ArtPrize, an international art competition, and she's the author of the book DIY T-Shirt Crafts: 50 Ways to Recycle a T-Shirt (August 2015).


  1. Margene says

    Hi there! I work in the business of charms :) and just wanted to say how adorable this idea is. I love it! Sheet music would make a beautiful piece. Thanks for the share!

  2. Elle says

    Adorable! I do have to ask… did you use a page from the Terry Goodkind Seeker books? That quote looks so familiar!

    • Adrianne says

      I did!! That’s actually my favorite series. I’ve killed the bindings on a couple of the books, so I bought new and recycled the old ones into craft projects! It gives me extra ways to enjoy them. :)

  3. JaneEllen says

    Your necklaces are really pretty, like that they are different. Like that you can use pretty much whatever you want to. Great ideas to inspire me.
    I’ve had some bezels, chain sitting on my work table since before Christmas but never seemed to get to them due to making holiday creations. Now I’m really ready to go off on another direction for while at least. I’m a paper crafter mostly but like to make jewelry that’s different now and then. Starting out the year would be good time. I like a long necklace to wear with turtlenecks, sweaters, even sweat shirts. It’s cold where we live so I live in cold weather clothes mostly. Happy New Year

  4. barbara macaskill says

    LOVE this! So easy yet a very pretty finished piece! Must get some of these when my spending freeze ends!


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