Last Minute Gift Idea: Custom Bottle Caps

If you’re scrambling for last minute crafty gift ideas, here’s a great project that you can customize for each recipient. Custom bottle caps! Use dollhouse miniatures that reflect a hobby or passion of the recipient to create a unique jewelry piece.  Dimensional Magic makes it easy to quickly assemble these custom bottle caps and still have a professional looking finish.

Custom-bottle-caps-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own custom bottle caps:supply2

Step one:  Choose your miniature.  There are so many adorable minis available that it should be no problem to find the perfect one for the person you are creating for!

Step two:  Pour a small amount of Dimensional Magic into the bottle cap.

Step three:  Add the miniatures to the bottle cap, and add Dimensional Magic if needed.

how to make bowling pendantStep four:  When it’s dry, add a chain to complete your custom bottle caps gift!

Custom-bottle-caps-Crafts-Unleashed-1I wanted to make a custom ring, but the bottle caps were a little too big. To create this adorable birthday cake ring, just add Dimensional Magic and adhere the cake to the ring blank.

How to make cake ringLet dry completely.  Then, wrap it up in a cute little box and it’s ready to be gifted!

Custom-bottle-caps-Crafts-Unleashed-2Here are a few more custom bottle caps I created:

flip flop jewelry

Soda pop pendant diyTo learn how to make the sandy flip flops and soda pop pendants, check out this short video clip I made.  I explain how I created the effect of sand and give tips on how to prepare paper so the colors don’t “bleed” when you apply Dimensional Magic.

Which miniature would best describe you?

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Morena Hockley is the crafty mind behind the tutorials at She loves to share ideas for projects that are fast, frugal, and fabulous: easy on time and money, and great to look at! Morena is a stay at home mom to four young children, and crafting is what helps her maintain her sanity. It’s a wonderful outlet and it’s how she gets her “me” time. In a past life, Morena was an elementary school teacher and an assistant principal. She misses teaching, so her blog is in a sense a virtual classroom. Make sure to swing by and check out Morena’s Corner!


  1. says

    Oh wow… those minis from “Timeless Miniatures” you link to are utterly adorable, and there’s such a lot to choose from! LOVE the idea of a large double finger ring made with an entire tea setup on the vintage tea service, complete with resin ‘tea’ in the cups, and tiny cupcakes and lacy napkins, or a ‘knitting basket’ ring, or one of those vintage veggie crates full of veg for the vegans in my life. My imagination is working overtime, and they are all very reasonably priced! (Hug!) Never used minis in crafts before and had no idea where to begin.. that company is great!

    Hugs & Hope,
    rachel of OddModicum

  2. says

    SUCH a cute idea! I’ve been a modpodge freak for more than a decade now, but I’ve never played with Dimensional Magic! I’ve had good luck with Diamond Glaze, though, which is similar, but MUST get ahold of that modpodge yumminess! Love the idea of ‘nestling’ miniatures into cabochon frames of some sort… yours came out so sweet! I’ve absolutely had issues with ‘bleeding’ colors, even with the decoupage medium. I’m using a fabulous product by annie howes to reduce bleeding, but still having issues. Sigh… might never be able to decoupage black and white out of the inkjet printer. 😉 And thanks so much for the rec to ‘Timeless Minis’. I love the idea of learning to make my own with clay, but that is a long time off, so for now, great to have a good brand of minis to search for!

    Hugs & Hope,
    rachel of OddModicum

  3. JaneEllen says

    Such adorable ideas for decorating bottle caps. Those bottle caps look like they’re maybe somewhat bigger than normal bottle caps. I have bunches of bottle caps meant to make jewelry with but never got round to it. Thought I’d make charm bracelets for grand daughters with them. These look like they’d be fun to make and I have dimensional magic, just need the miniatures. I know Hobby Lobby had lots of those so I’ll have to take a look next time I”m there. Great ideas. Happy holidays.


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