No Empty Chairs Wall Hanger Art

This project is a particularly personal one for me.

My oldest child is graduating this year- and leaving the nest. I have mixed feelings about it. I am so excited for him to make his way in the world, but I can’t believe how quickly it all went! Sometimes, I can still see the toddler he once was in his now patchy beard-stubbled face.

I wanted to make wall art to remind my kids that even though they may not be here physically- they are always here. In our conversations, in our prayers, and in this mama’s heart. They always have a place, and they are always welcome.

I thought it was appropriate to give everyone a permanent chair in our home with this “No Empty Chairs” wall hanger. We have many fond memories, gathering together for dinner. And let’s be honest, it is one of the only times we all see each other, and catch up, with seven busy schedules.

Wall-hanger-art-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own wall hanger art:

1The first thing I did was prep my cute little mini rocking chairs. If you have less chairs to add to your wall decor, there are slightly larger wooden chairs you can choose that will take up more space, and allow you to use larger photos.

Here are some other choices: CHAIRS

Wall Hanger Art - 1I wanted the chairs to lie flat against my wooden panel- so I removed the bottom runners of the rocker.

Wall Hanger Art - 2They came off fairly easily- there were a couple stubborn ones, and I used a butter knife to gently scrape away some of the adhesive holding the runner onto the chair. Yep. A butter knife. I am pretty tool savvy like that.

Once the runners are off, sand off any extra adhesive.

Wall Hanger ArtThen, using E-6000, or another strong adhesive, attach a mini wooden clothes pin to the center of each chair.

Wall Hanger Art - 4Allow the glue to fully dry. I liked seeing all of the little chairs lined up!

Wall Hanger Art - 5You could choose to leave the chairs- as is. I wanted to paint mine black. You could choose a different color for each child. Whatever you prefer.

Paint the chairs, and the clothes pin. Allow the chairs to fully dry.

Wall Hanger Art - 6While the chairs are drying- begin working on your wooden panel.

The unfinished wooden panel I used is sized exactly 12″ by 12″. One full sheet of 12×12 patterned paper will fit it perfectly. If you have less chairs to accommodate, you can certainly use a smaller sized wooden panel. Here are some options for those:


The second sheet of patterned paper will need to be trimmed into four (4) separate strips of paper measuring 1″ by 12″.

Wall Hanger Art - 6Apply an even, medium layer of mod podge to the front surface of the wooden panel. Carefully position your 12×12 sheet of paper over the Mod Podge layer. Smooth out any bubbles, and allow to dry.

Wall Hanger Art - 7Repeat the process for all four sides of the panel, using your cut 1″ x 12″ strips.

Wall Hanger Art - 9When your wooden panel is all covered, allow it to dry.

Wall Hanger Art - 10Then, apply an even, medium coat of Mod Podge to the top surface of your patterned paper to protect it.

Wall Hanger Art - 11Again, allow the Mod Podge to fully dry. Lots of waiting! :)

Then you can begin to lay your chairs out on your panel how you like them. Depending on how many chairs you need, the configuration will be different. I used the cut-off manufacturers strip on my patterned paper as a make shift ruler to line my chairs up straight. I folded the paper strip in half, so I could see where the center was, and lined my chairs up accordingly. (Told you I was tool savvy!)

Wall Hanger Art - 13When your chairs are positioned how you like them, one at a time apply some E-6000 to the back of the chair, where it will hit the panel, and glue into place.

Wall Hanger Art - 14E-6000 will slide around a bit before it is dry, make sure you place your canvas in an area where it will not be disturbed during the drying process.

I created a “No Empty Chairs” wooden plaque. I found the wooden plaque at my local hobby store pre-cut. You could also use a small section of a 2×4. I painted the wood, and followed the instructions that came with a Silhouette Vinyl Starting Kit-and cut vinyl letters with my Silhouette Cameo.

Everything I needed to create this title came in the starter kit.

Wall Hanger Art - 15The font I used for the letters is called “IFC WILD RODEO” and can be downloaded for free at


Wall Hanger Art - 16Once your title plaque is finished- fill your chairs with faces you love.

Wall Hanger Art - 17Pick a special spot to hang your meaningful wall decor.

Wall Hanger Art - 19

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Shaunte is a 30-something, chocolate-loving, SAHM from Utah. She has been scrapbooking since 1997, the dreaded era of photos cropped with deco scissors. Since then, her work has evolved into a clean, linear, photo-focused style. Her favorite subjects to scrap are her husband and five kids (never a lack for subject material there).


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    Ah, Shaunte! HUGS to you!! What a wonderful project to display. LOVE this idea – just so thoughtful and touching…. Thanks for the inspiration xo

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