Tulle and Butterfly Wreath

Tulle and Butterfly Wreath

I LOVE butterflies! They are so delicate and beautiful. I’ve been seeing them in crafting quite a bit lately. This is MY butterfly craft.


  • Spray paint in a light color (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks


To prepare for making this wreath you will want to watch the DVD that comes with the Bowdabra so you will understand how to make the Tulle Puffs. If you choose to paint the wire wreath form you can paint it and watch the DVD while the paint dries! Why paint the form? In a few places the wire wreath form may show through due to the “see through” nature of the tulle. If you don’t like the dark green wreath form showing you may want to paint it in a light color before beginning.


For the base of the wreath make tulle puffs, leaving the Bowdabra string at least three inches long on each end so that you are able to tie the puffs onto the wreath form.

Tulle and Butterfly Wreath on Wire Frame

Keep making puffs and tying them on until the wreath is full. There is probably enough tulle on each roll to make TWO wreaths. You can make one for yourself and one for a friend!

Tulle Puffs

Once the wreath is full, hot glue the butterflies onto the front. Use as many or as few butterflies as you like. You could also use larger butterflies, birds, or just a big bow. It’s up to you!

Tulle and Butterfly Wreath

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