Spring Burlap & Floral Centerpiece

If you’re on the lookout for a pretty and simple spring centerpiece, this burlap and floral centerpiece project is a great option! It’s simple and fresh with a little country chic coming from the burlap and button garland. Add a floral centerpiece to your Easter dinner table, give as a Mother’s Day gift, or easily mass produce for a springtime wedding — either way, your guests will surely be impressed!


Supplies needed to make your own spring floral centerpiece:


To begin, remove the sticker from your Keepsake Totes Storage Paint Can.  *TIP -heating the sticker with an embossing gun or hair dryer for a few seconds will make it easier to peel the sticker off.

Next, cut your burlap strips. You will need 1.5 yards of the 2.5 inch burlap ribbon and  25 inches of the 6 inch wide burlap ribbon.

DIY-floral-centerpiece-Crafts-Unleashed-1Lay your can on its side and place it on top of the 6 inch burlap strip.

Wrap one end of the burlap around the can and hold in place.

centerP - Wrapping thick burlap around canFold the other end of the burlap a few inches in and wrap it over top of the other burlap end.

centerp - Folding burlap edge in centerp - burlap folded on canWhile holding this burlap wrap in place, put the 2.5 inch strip of burlap under the paint can.

centerp - thin burlap under canWithout releasing your 6 inch burlap wrap, use the 2.5 inch burlap ribbon to tie a fairly tight knot around the front burlap fold.

centerp - knot over bucketWith one end of the top layered burlap, make a loop. Take the other end of the burlap ribbon and bring it around the back of your loop.

making loop - 1,2Stick this end through the middle of your loop and  pull it through to create a secure looped knot. Tighten the  knot loop. Cut any excess length off the ends of your loop.

making loop - 3,4Grab your bundle of flowers and start cutting the bottom of each stem, removing it from the bundle.

DIY-floral-centerpiece-Crafts-Unleashed-2Arrange the flowers as you please. Secure the bundle together with a zip tie.

centerp - add ziptieTrim the floral centerpiece stems to the proper height for your can.

centerp - trim endsPlace your arrangement into the can.

centerp - done (before button wire)Your floral centerpiece is almost done!

Now it’s time to create the button garland. Cut off 2 yards of wire from the spool.

holding wireAdd a kink in your wire, about 1 inch long.

wire kinkThread the wire kink through the back of your button hole and back through the second button hole.

wire- 1Once the wire has been thread through the button, grab the end of your kinked wire along with your strand of wire, and twist the two together to keep the button in place.

wire -2Repeat this process, adding a button every 3-4 inches on your wire strand.  You can use the same style button for your whole strand or mix and match a variety! Here’s how your strand should start to look:

button wireWhen you’re satisfied with your button wire, wrap it (twice) around the center of your bucket and twist the two ends of the wire together to secure it.

centerpiece4You’re finished! Enjoy your spring burlap and floral centerpiece!




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