Sea Glass DIY Wind Chimes

Did you collect sea glass on your summer vacation?  Need a way to display it?  Sea glass crafts – and this easy DIY wind chimes project – are for you.  (No sea glass on hand?  No problem.  I have a solution for you, too.)  Let’s make gorgeous sea glass DIY wind chimes to display outside of your home.

Diy-wind-chimes-Crafts-UnleashedMaterials needed for sea glass DIY wind chimes:

Remove the outer ring on your embroidery hoops.  We will only need the inner circle.  Paint them both white.  My kids helped with this step.  Bet you never would have guessed that from this picture!

Next, we are going to tie the rings together.  Use the poly string to tie the smaller ring in approximately the center of the larger ring.

Then, because I like things to be secure and safe, I tied the rings together in 4 more places.  Each string should be tied tightly.

Next, we are going to use the string to make a hanger.  I used two long pieces of string and tied them to the larger hoop in two places, opposite of one another.  Then gather the strings at the top and knot into a loop.  See picture below for illustration.  Use a drop of E6000 anywhere you have a knot on the rings and set aside to dry.  Again, I wanted this to be secure and E6000 definitely does the job of securing your string to the hoops.

Now get your sea glass.  My set of DIY wind chimes took approximately one bag, however, I was choosy on the colors I wanted to use so I had to open both bags.  Using the poly string, tie your sea glass into long chains.  The sea glass should not touch each other as illustrated below.  I made 6 short chains and 3 longer chains.  My short chains were around 9 inches long.  The longer chains were around 11 inches long.  Again, a dot of E6000 needs to be placed between each knot and the glass for safety.

After your components have dried according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the E6000, tie your chains of sea glass onto your rings.  The six shorter chains go on the outside ring.  The three longer chains go on the inside ring.

Again, before hanging, secure each knotted place to the ring with a drop of E6000 and allow to dry.

Then hang your DIY wind chimes and enjoy the sunlight reflecting off the glass each and every day.

Sea glass crafts are perfect projects for those that have kids that collected sea glass on vacation.  Don’t sock it away in a drawer.  Display it proudly year round with these easy to make DIY wind chimes!  Older children can even help with making these since they just have to know how to tie.

Diy-wind-chimes-Crafts-Unleashed-1This DIY wind chimes project is perfect for beach houses or any home where you want a nautical touch.  I think they are perfect hanging on any porch as a reminder of a fun vacation or a vacation you would like to take in the future.

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  1. AUNT NANNY says

    I love this!! I have sea glass from Hawaii to st. Thomas. About a dozen boxes sorted by beach (small ones) I am going to make a Carribean and a Hawaii one. MORE SEA GLASS CRAFTS PLEASE :)

  2. Elsa M. Roman says

    Love it for my dayghter that loves windchimes. I live very close to the beach and I could get the pieces of glass easily.It is beautiful.Thanks for the idea.

  3. says

    What an absolutely beautiful project Angie! I have several large bottles filled with sea glass that I’ve been collecting. This is a wonderful way to get it out in the sunshine where it can be admired.

  4. says

    Oh I was giddy like a little girl looking for sea glass on the beach when I saw this! So pretty! I can’t wait to make one…now where did I put that jar of sea glass I’ve been hoarding/saving since I was a kid? Thanks for sharing this lovely creation pinned and +’ed!


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