Pottery Barn Kids Knock Off Nightlight

Make PB knock off nightlights for 1/4 the price! Tried & True for Crafts UnleashedSo you want a customized nightlight but you don’t want to pay $35.00 for it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this post, I’ll show you how to make a nightlight that looks ridiculously similar to the Pottery Barn Kids version but for 1/4 of the price. Inexpensive, easy, and cute? My kind of project!

Pottery Barn Knockoff Customized Nightlight: CompareSupplies need to make customized nightlights:

1. Design your nightlight image. You can do this on your computer (4×4 square should cover the canvas front and sides) and then print it out on a piece of white tissue paper you’ve taped down to a normal printer sheet. Another option, would be to cut a 4×4 square from decorative tissue and just use letter stickers to customize.

Pottery Barn Knockoff Customized Nightlight: Create Art2. Use Zig Squeeze & Roll Jumbo Tip Glue to affix the tissue to the front of canvas. Gently smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. I highly suggest not applying too much glue because you definitely don’t want to soak the tissue! Repeat on the sides, folding in the corners like you’re wrapping a present. Try not to touch the printed image too much, the ink will smear.

Pottery Barn Knockoff Customized Nightlight: Attaching Art3. Allow to dry completely and then using whatever strong glue you have around, attach to the nightlight clip (see picture below.)

Pottery Barn Knockoff Customized Nightlight: Attaching Canvas

Pottery Barn Knockoff Customized Nightlight: Tried & True for Crafts UnleashedAnd that’s it! Assuming you have some of the more basic supplies (glue, tissue paper, etc), you can make your own customized nightlight for just $8.21. Not bad when you’re looking at $35.00 plus shipping from Pottery Barn Kids!

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Vanessa is a self proclaimed sleep deprived mother of two adorable boys and when she has a little time to spare, she makes things and posts about them on her craft blog, Tried & True. If she’s not cooking, sewing, gluing or making, she would probably go crazy. Join her on her crafty adventure at triedandtrueblog.com.


  1. Maria Macko says

    Hello! I love this idea but could you give me more details about how you created the image on your computer? Also, if I did just get the decorative tissue paper, how could I put an image like the birds on it and what kind of letter stickers do you think? Thank you so much!!!

    • Maria Macko says

      Also, it looks like the tissue paper you used was white AND pink? or did you use two separate sheets?

  2. says

    How adorable! What a cute idea, I’ve never seen anything like this! You did a GREAT job making this, looks just as pretty as the Pottery Barn one, and the price is way more reasonable! Very cute!

  3. June Palasek says

    This is absolutely awesome – I have many little nieces & nephews what an awesome birthday or Christmas gift. I need to get busy…..
    Thank you for sharing your talent……


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