Pottery Barn Knock Off Candles & Holders

I am obsessed with the Pottery Barn catalog.  Gorgeous items and staging on page after page.  But once I circle all that I would like to buy from the catalog, I usually find my budget thinks differently.  That is why I try to knock off Pottery Barn originals for a fraction of the price.  Today I actually have two knock offs for you — candles and candle holders.  Ready to learn how to make both of these with items from Consumer Crafts?

The Pottery Barn beaded birch pillar candles are $9.99 right now for a 6 inch pillar.  The gold candle to make the Crafts Unleashed version is only $5.97.  You will also need a portion of the other supplies listed below however these supplies will make a bunch of candles!

Supplies needed to create your own Pottery Barn Knock Off Candles:

 Here is a side by side comparison of our version of the beaded birch candle and the Pottery Barn version.  This is one of my favorite projects ever!  These candles turned out great.  By making your own, you could also vary the colors.  Maybe red beaded candles for Christmas, blue for winter, the possibilities are endless.

Now for the candle holders.  My versions are 10 and 12 inches high.  The 10 inch Pottery Barn version is $34 each.  For under $15 from Consumer Crafts, I had enough materials to make BOTH of my candle holders.  You will need:

Again, here is a side by side comparison of the candle holders.  These are perfect for any room in your home.

Let’s start by making the candles.  These are the gold pillars from Consumer Crafts in two different sizes.

They are actually a little domed at the top so I just lit them for a while to get the center to be sunk in.  I then painted on two coats of white paint leaving areas unpainted as shown below.  NOTE:  The picture below is after only one coat of paint.  This does not have to be perfect.  Leave random areas unpainted.  Don’t fret over making it perfect.

I then gathered my Mod Podge and beads.  You will see two packages of beads pictured.  I actually only used a tiny fraction of one package for two candles.  Those packages will go a long, long way.

I poured the beads into a paper plate.  Coated about 1/2 of my candle with Mod Podge then rolled the candle in the beads.

Just repeat until your candles are completely covered in beads.  Set them aside to dry.  I just want to show y’all the plate below.  It is the remainder of one package of beads after my candles were complete.  Seriously there are plenty of beads in one package to cover several candles.

These are my candles drying.  I would recommend putting them on a paper plate and touching them all over when they are dry.  You will have a few stray beads fall off.

And here is my faux beaded birch bark candle all ready for display!  I love the glitter of the beads on the outside of the candle.  These would be perfect in any home and any time of the year.

Now let’s make the candle holders.  These are so simple y’all might laugh.  I gathered up my wood supplies from Consumer Crafts (complete list above).  I just played with fitting the pieces together dry until I had the look I wanted.  You will note that I have two 6 3/4″ candlesticks below but I only used one of them.  Really it is trial and error that made the final product.

I just glued the pieces together using E-6000 and allowed them to dry.  I spray painted mine black using Krylon Dual in black (it is paint and primer in one).  Both the E-6000 and the Krylon will go a long way and make many candle holders.

I set up both the candle holders and candles for display in my family room.  I love how both projects turned out.  I hope you will give these a try for yourself.  Especially if you love the Pottery Barn look but not the Pottery Barn price.

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  1. Stacey says

    I love how these turned out. At first I thought yours were the actual PB candles, I like how they turned out better than the actual ones! How great is that! Love the price and the look better. Thanks


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