Popsicle Stick Clock

I’ve been wanting a little clock for my cubicle at work. Nothing fancy – just something decorative that will let me know the time. I decided it’d be nice to make my own. I liked the look of stacked ‘wood,’ and decided to make mine out of Popsicle sticks. Yup, you read that right.
Materials for a Popsicle stick craft clock:

1. Take 40 craft sticks and stack them neatly together. Tape them in place on one side with the masking tape. Dab glue between the sticks to glue them together, then finish by spreading the glue all along one side of the sticks when stacked together.
2. Once the glue has dried, tape the sticks back up and mark the center of the stack. This is where you will be drilling.
3. Carefully drill a hole through your craft sticks. You’ll want one that is big enough to fit the clock fixtures through. (The instructions on the clock kit should tell you how big the hole needs to be).
4. Next step: painting the sticks. This can be as neat or as messy as you’d like. I used a brown acrylic paint and applied it with my foam brush. To get the light brown color I had for my clock, I wiped the painted area with a damp paper towel 30 seconds after I painted it.
5. The clock kit I used was a little too long for my craft sticks, so I trimmed the excess ends. I cut the metal with scissors, then sanded the jagged edge until it was smooth. Then I painted the hands with blue acrylic.
6. Next step: cutting the box. Take the deep part of the box and measure .25″ from each edge along one side. Mark those two points with a pen. Measure .5″ down from the lip of the box and draw a line between the two points. Trim along these three marked lines. Do the same for the edge on the opposite side of the box, so that the two cut areas are parallel to each other. Make sure your stack of sticks fits snugly within the cut out area.
7. Time to put everything together! Take the craft sticks and assemble the clock kit around it. Insert the craft stick/clock into the cut area on the box.
Voila! You now have a clock!
I know I made this clock with the intention of using it as decoration for my cubicle, but I just might have to keep it at home! Either that, or make another to bring in to work.


  1. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    Another neat idea you have here. Stop by today and see who got featured at my blog…yes…it’s YOU!! Please feel free to grab my starfish featured buton for your blog (it’s under my header).


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