Simple Patriotic {Reversible!} Pennant Bunting

Patriotic Pennant Bunting - Crafts UnleashedThis cute little patriotic pennant bunting takes about 20 minutes.  The supplies are inexpensive and the process is easy enough for beginners!  Let’s get started!

Supplies needed to make your own pennant bunting:

I wanted my pennant bunting to blend in with these pretty tea stained flag buntings I ordered from ConsumerCrafts.

flags in the wind amy renea a nest for all seasonsThat meant I needed to take the edge off the bright canvas with a little tea/coffee stain.  I tried a couple different processes to see which I liked best and ended up preferring a tea stain, THEN chalk design.

DIY bunting

Patriotic Pennant Bunting 2- Crafts UnleashedIn the photo below, the triangle on the left is the bright, plain canvas and red chalk marker.  On the right is a triangle with chalk marker that has been stained AFTER chalking.  Both have their merits, but I decided to go with a look in between the two.

bunting fourth of july amy renea crafts unleashed before and afterThe triangle on the right is tea stained and then chalked once.

bunting fourth of july amy renea crafts unleashedThe reason I choose to use chalk markers as opposed to paint is the somewhat see-through nature of chalk.  The lines had an “antique-ness” to them after two coats that complemented those “antiqued” buntings. Beware — if you chalk first, THEN stain, you will lose a lot of the color and end up with a very antiqued look (like the example in the top photo). If you do have any “leaking” of chalk that is unwanted, a simple touch-up with pure bleach on a paintbrush will do the trick!  Last note on chalk:  I used the THIN side of the marker for these lines as opposed to the thick full side.  Take your pick depending on the style you are going for!

banner fourth of july amy renea crafts unleashed chalk first coatIf you think tea staining is difficult, you are sorely mistaken!  For a project this small, it is simply a matter of dunking those little triangles in some leftover morning coffee and letting it sit for several hours.  The fork holds the canvas down and keeps it from popping out of the top.  Easy peasy!

banner fourth of july amy renea crafts unleashed dying in cupWhen the bunting is finished, simply attach each triangle to a length of ribbon or binding, bent in half over the triangles to secure.  Sew a simple, straight line along the bottom of the ribbon.

pennant bunting amy renea crafts unleashedThis is a SUPER easy sewing project, but if you are scared to death of a sewing machine, hot glue will work! :)  No excuses!  Jump on the pennant, bunting, banner, swagging, garland bandwagon and get creative!!

pennant close up black amy renea

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