Patriotic Crafts: 4th of July Wreath

wreath_final3The Mini Bowdabra is one of my favorite bow- making tools. It  works great not only with ribbon but floral picks, as well.  Using my handy bow making tool I was able to make a very festive 4th of July Wreath.

wreath_final_1 (1)

Materials Needed:

  • BOW2100 Mini  Bowdabra
  • BOW3040 Bowdabra Bow Wire
  • Darice Finishing Accents or ribbon of your choice
  • GPV12 12 in grapevine wreaths
  • 6556-71 24 in black metal wreath stand
  • 2873-137 24 inch spray with red berries and rusted tin stars
  • 6500-59 3 1/2×4 in rusted metal star


Begin by adding finishing accents to three rusted metal stars.  I liked adding the finishing accents because they really grab the sunlight and make the wreath sparkle.wreathstars

Next unwind the red berries and rusted tin stars.  They are very easy to unwind into individual floral picks.wreathpicks

Add some finishing accents to the rusted stars on the floral picks, as well.wreath_picks2

Remove the Mini Bowdabra and the Mini Bowdabra Wand from its packaging.  Cut a 24” piece of Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold it in half. Place the Bowdabra Bow Wire into the center of the towers and fold it under the Mini Bowdabra so that it doesn’t come loose.  Now, lay one or two floral picks into the center of the Mini Bowdabra.wreath_picks3

Add several sprays of ribbon into the Mini Bowdabra.  I used red, white, and blue satin ribbon with dovetailed edges.wreath_ribbons

Using the Mini Bowdabra Wand scrunch the bow down.  Next, take Bowdabra Bow Wire and thread the two ends through the center loop that was formed when you folded the wire in half.  Pull the Bowdabra Bow Wire tightly.  Remove the bow from the Mini Bowdabra, pull the Bowdabra Wire around to the back twist it, and then knot it in place.  Fluff and form the loops of the bow by pulling and twisting them into place.  Bring the wire back to the front and attach the embellished rustic metal star.wreath_ribbons2

Attach your first bow onto Darice’s Grapevine Wreath.  Using a pencil twirl the extra wire.wreath_tie

Make two more bows using the Mini Bowdabra tool and attach them to the wreath.  Hang your wreath on your front door or use a black metal wreath stand.IMG_2279

For more creative ideas using the Mini Bowdabra and the larger Bowdabra visit

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