Decorative Paper Mache DIY Storage Boxes

If you love to make your own personal decorative pieces, you’ve come to the right place!  I’m going to share an inexpensive way to add some of your own personal style — and a little extra DIY storage space — to your home with these decorative paper mache DIY storage boxes.

Paper-Mache-DIY-Storage-Boxes-Crafts-UnleashedYears ago, my sister and I made a square set of these decorative DIY storage nesting boxes for my mom with an Americana theme (dark red, navy blue and ivory with stars and stripes).  They were a huge hit and my mom still uses them for seasonal decor.  I recently decided to make a set for myself using a different color scheme and stencils.  I was thrilled with how they turned out!  I even recruited some help (and company) from my sister for this project (thanks a million, sis!).  Ready to get started?  Let’s grab a few supplies.

Supplies needed to make your own decorative DIY storage boxes:

Once you’ve selected your boxes and paint colors, it’s time to put your craftiness to work!

Paint each of your boxes — tops, bottoms, lids, etc.  The only thing I did not paint was the inside of the box.

Painting each of the nesting boxesThen, spice them up with some stencils.  I cut out the Echo Park Bee, on my Silhouette Cameo, using contact paper for the stencil itself (it’s much less expensive for disposable stencils). In four easy steps, she was complete!

Bee Stenciled Nesting BoxOne another box, I chose to use painter’s tape to stencil a stripe around the box.  I wasn’t too worried about perfect coverage or the paint chipping/peeling off  due to the fact that I planned on adding some distressing to the boxes after stenciling.

Using painters tape for stripe on decorating nesting boxAnd on the third box, I cut out the text, No.2,  from my Silhouette Cameo using the American Typewriter font.  I think it turned out great as well (see below).  On a random side note, I thought I’d mention that I chose the No. 2 because I love using the number two in my decor, it’s symbolic of my little family of two (the hubs and I).

Sanding down the boxes to add some texture and characterOnce all the painting and stenciling was completed, it was time to do a little distressing.  This, of course, is optional; however, I used a fine sand paper to do the trick.  You’ll need to put a little extra ‘elbow grease’ into it if you want the paper mache to peek through.  I absolutely adore the way they looked after distressing them.

Once all the sanding was completed, we wiped each of the boxes down with a damp cloth to remove the fine dust that lingered.

wiping off any dust after sandingTo finalize my DIY storage boxes, I added a light satin varnish to seal and add a finished look; however, that is completely optional as well.  I think they turned out fantastic and they look like something you’d buy in a home decor store or boutique — certainly not handmade.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Finished Decorative Paper Mache Nesting BoxesI love the secret DIY storage space, too.  Perfect for a knitter or a great place to hide toys, TV remotes, etc! Imagine the possibilities with these decorative DIY storage boxes.  You can paint them in any color and decorate them to match your decor perfectly.

Paper-Mache-DIY-Storage-Boxes-Crafts-Unleashed-2Wouldn’t they make a fabulous gift too?  Happy Crafting, sweet friends!

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Really love those boxes. I have a few I use for storage in bedroom since we have a “small” walk in closet and no linen closet. I store bathing suits, socks, purses out of season, whatever I need them for. Your boxes are so nice. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them on sale at Hobby Lobby (or?) most likely or with a coupon. They sure would make awesome gifts decorated to a giftee’s preferences.
    I have several I bought at HL years ago that were already decorated but like idea of doing them myself. Glad I saw this post, love the idea. Happy days

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