Spring Challenge: Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

It’s getting close to patio time: sitting outside with friends, having cold drinks by candlelight and laughing about the events of the day. And what better to help illuminate that happy chatter than a rustic outdoor chandelier, made of natural elements and lit by citronella candles?

This month, a few of us Crafts Unleashed gals were challenged to use the same rustic-influenced crafting materials to make a project. I had been doing some surfing around on the internet when I came across a gorgeous Chicken Wire Chandelier by FunkyTime. I immediately fell in love with it and decided to use it as my inspiration for this Rustic Outdoor Chandelier project.


Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Rustic Outdoor Chandelier:supply2

I wanted my outdoor chandelier to mimic a lampshade… and have orbs of candlelight dangling from the center. I agonized over what could be the frame of my light fixture. What was strong enough? What didn’t require hours of fiddling with little bits of wire?

So I started hunting around in the yard and came up golden. I found a tomato cage!

Country Chandelier Tutorial - Step 1 -  Suburble.com (1 of 1)Using tin snips or bolt cutters (these have to be a bit more heavy-duty than your jewelry wire cutters – get these from the tool box), trim off the bottom of the tomato cage, leaving only two horizontal circles and three little “legs” sticking out.

Country Chandelier Tutorial - Step 2 -  Suburble.com (1 of 1)Bend the “legs” over across themselves and secure them with craft wire. Now you’ve created your chandelier base!

Country Chandelier Tutorial - Step 3 -  Suburble.com (1 of 1)Wrap the shade in chicken wire, being sure to fold it over the top and bottom of the shade. Trim where needed with the wire cutters.

Also – see that little triad of crazy spikes at the top of the chandelier? I opted to trim those off. They were driving me nuts. You can decide to leave them, or trim them down.

Country Chandelier Tutorial - Step 4 -  Suburble.com (1 of 1)I quite liked the organic look of the mossy garland. It looked like something you would find in the woods.

Country Chandelier Tutorial - Step 5 -  Suburble.com (1 of 1)Using craft wire, I secured it along the top of the shade as trim.

Country Chandelier Tutorial - Step 6 -  Suburble.com (1 of 1)These are inexpensive citronella candles. You can fashion up any sort of hanging candle if you don’t have any on hand. Jam jars with craft wire, or tea lights in little votive holders will work as well. You want these to be able to be hung from the top of your outdoor chandelier.

I originally hung the candles with the sisal vine, as well as the chandy itself, but then – as you’ll see in lower pictures – I changed my mind and used craft wire to hang the candles instead. I liked the colour of the sisal for hanging the outdoor chandelier, though. It blended in nicely with the surrounding trees.

Editing: It’s important when you’re working on decor.

Country Chandelier Tutorial - Step 7 -  Suburble.com (1 of 1)At this stage, I decided to hang the chandelier, so that I could see how everything would hang. I took my chain and fastened it inside of the shade from side to side. The crystals would hang from it as well as from the shade itself.

outdoor-chandelier-craftsunleashedI used an assortment of crystals and prisms for the bling-bling factor of the outdoor chandelier. I love the contrast between the fancy crystals and the natural feel of the chicken wire and the moss. It’s like stumbling upon a fairy party in the woods.

outdoor-chandelier-craftsunleashedAnd once it’s decorated, we have our gorgeous centerepiece of a patio or tea party! The candles will provide flickering light that will be enhanced by the glittering prisms.



outdoor-chandelier-craftsunleashedDon’t you love a bit of bling outdoors? And when the sun goes down, and the candles start to flicker….

outdoor-chandelier-craftsunleashedYou cannot deny the magic of candlelight. Everything becomes so much more beautiful…

outdoor-chandelier-craftsunleashed… like a tomato cage realizing its true destiny.

Consider making an outdoor chandelier for your patio or garden table! A bit of bling adds a lot of charm!

Spring craft challenge-Crafts-Unleashed


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  1. Abbey Wickwire says

    I absolutely smile when I see your chandlier. It is so charming. Going to make one to hang outside my great room so I can enjoy daily. Thank you WOW

    • says

      Abbey – let me know if you do! I’d love to see pictures; I’m sure each one will be a bit different depending on the crystals and candles and whomever creates it! I love how it casts rainbows against the fence in the backyard. So pretty.


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