Make a Knock Off Anthropologie Chain Vase

Knock Off Anthropologie Chain VaseNot too long ago, Anthropologie had a fabulous chained vase available.  I loved the fusion of glass and metal, but not the price tag (nearly $300!).  While their vase isn’t available for sale anymore, you can still make your own knock off version.  With Valentine’s Day and spring on the horizon, this vase is just waiting to be filled with flowers.

Here’s a side by side comparison of their vase and my vase:

Knock Off Anthropologie Chain Vase Side by SideSupplies needed to make your own Knock Off Anthropologie chain vase:

Chained Vase TutorialStep one:  Use the metal glue to attach the clasps to the glass vase.  I used four clasp sets.

Step two:  Once the glue is dry, open a jump ring and attach it to the clasp (as pictured).

Step three:  Attach the large chain to the first jump ring, and close the ring.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 with each clasp.  Vary the length of chain as desired.

Step four:  Open a jump ring and attach the flat silver chain to the large loop chain.  Use additional jump rings to attach the flat chain to the clasps and the large chain.  Again, vary the length of chain as desired.

Anthro Knock Off Chained VaseThis project is so simple and quick, but I think the end result is stunning!  I hope you’ll give it a try.  Have fun crafting and creating!

Chained Vase Tutorial

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  1. Rhea says

    Yours turned out prettier than anthro. The little hooks are no longer at the link you posted and they are so gorgeous. Can you suggest the keywords you used to search for them, I’ve tried clasp set, small metal hooks etc and cant find anything as nice??

    Thanks TONS

    • says

      I have been searching and searching and can’t find anything! I am so sorry. They are Tonal Duets and a hook clasp set, but as you said, search results don’t turn up anything similar. I will keep looking!


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