DIY Instagram Canvas Art

We’re so excited to have Kelsey, from Embracing Messy, guest posting for us today!  Kelsey is a lover of many things, especially crafting, cooking, reading, the outdoors, and so much more.  Make sure to stop by her blog {Embracing Messy} for more fun crafty projects!
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Do you have tons of Instagram photos just sitting in your phone with no use?  Print them out and display them in a super cute way – a DIY Instagram canvas! It’s super simple and quick and can be easily customized based on the color of paint and washi tape you use.  Let’s get started!

Instagram-Canvas-Crafts-Unleashed-2Supplies needed to make your own Instagram canvas art:

Instagram-Photo1Step 1– Paint your canvas whatever color you’d like. You can see a paint change here in my photos. I changed my mind halfway through and switched it up. That’s the great thing about acrylics, you can always change your mind and who doesn’t love a little room for error, right?

 photo 54997883-ad0d-48ca-b017-c22a717670dd_zpsca6cad31.jpg
Step 2– Once your canvas is painted and dry, align your photos on the canvas to get an idea of spacing and how you’d like to arrange them. I liked the grid look, but there are so many options here!

Instagram-Photo2Step 3– Use Washi Tape to attach photos. I used a couple different patterns.

Instagram-Photo4 Instagram-Photo3Step 4– You’re all finished! Now, just hang up your new and pretty Instagram canvas art!

Instagram Canvas Final_1

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