How To Refinish a Table With Fabric and Resin

This is definitely not your normal “How to refinish a table” tutorial! Follow along as I show you how I put a fun and unique spin on this DIY project.
If you have a table you want to update, or if you’re just bored with your dining room and are ready for a new look, here’s an easy way to revamp your table – with no painting required!
Resin on Table DIY
Fabric is a fun way to bring color and pattern to your furniture, and epoxy gives it a polished, professional finish.  My sister was looking for a fun way to refinish her dining room table, and she was nice enough to let me try this technique out on her furniture.  We’re both thrilled with the end result! Today, I’ll show you how to refinish a table with fabric and resin.

Resin TableHow to refinish a table with fabric and resin supplies:supply2

Step 1:  Prepare the table surface.  If your table is in good shape, you don’t need to do much.  This one was chipped and peeling in the corners, so we removed the laminate.

Table step 1Step 2:  Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the table, and lay the fabric on top.  Smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles with the brayer.

step 2Step 3:  Seal the fabric with Mod Podge. When it has dried, seal it a second time.  This is critical because the resin will stain the fabric if it isn’t sealed.  We decided to paint the fabric with Mod Podge a third time to be on the safe side.

step 3Step 4:  Trim off the excess fabric.  This table had a plastic edge to it, so we tucked the fabric edges under the plastic.

tucked edgesStep 5:  Put painter’s tape around the edge of the table to prevent drips.

pour resinStep 6:  Mix the resin according to the package instructions.  Pour it onto the table surface and spread it out to form a thin layer.  Use the heat tool to pop any bubbles that may appear.  Just blast them briefly and they will pop to the surface.

Allow the resin to cure for 48 hours, then remove the tape.  Sand the edges if they are rough or uneven.

How-to-refinish-a-table-Crafts-Unleashed-2The cured resin looks amazingly like glass.  It has an incredible shine to it!

If you don’t need to revamp your dining table, you could always use this ‘how to refinish a table’ technique to update a coffee table, end table, or even a serving tray.

Table MakeoverI hope you enjoyed my version of how to refinish a table and will give it a try yourself. Have fun crafting and creating!

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  1. laiah says

    Hi there! I appreciate how easy-to-folllow your instructions are. I am wanting to paint my laminate kitchen countertop. (I live in a small space so my countertop is roughly the size of your average coffee table, would I just need 8 oz package of EasyCast). How has the table aged, would mine hold up if Im putting dirty dishes and water on it all the time- but no cutting of course. And if Im wanting to just add a bright color paint would i still need to cure the color with a gloss, is the resin stain a light caramel otherwise?

    • says

      I would get two boxes to be on the safe side! The table has held up well, the only thing to watch for is don’t place very hot items on the resin until it has cured completely. The resin is completely clear (unless you use an old box….don’t store it too long because over time it does yellow). So if you want to paint a bright color you should be able to just pour the resin on top of it. Good luck!

  2. Katie says

    Hi! I’m new to upcycling, and I know this post is old, but how did you remove the laminate without damaging the plastic edge?
    This is such an amazing idea, and it turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to upcycle my table :)

  3. Shyeeta says

    Hey i see that this is old but i’m hoping that someone email me back….. My daughter has a Minnie mouse table that’s be ruin and I wanted to redo it. i wanted to change it to the Frozen theme, will this work for any fabric

  4. says

    Hi Morena! This may be a stupid question :) When you use the resin/epoxy does the painter’s tape “hold it in” at all or is it just to protect the edge? In other words, if I use it on a flat surface without tape, will it “roll off” the edges? Thanks! 😉

    • says

      Hi Amy! The resin will “dome” as long as you don’t over pour it! On a large surface like this one I used tape to make sure there were no drips, but on smaller projects (like pendants) I just pour a small amount of resin and it domes nicely. You just have to be sure it stays flat and isn’t moved while it cures!

  5. Deb says

    This looks fantastic! Really a great diy period piece from the 50’s. I can almost remember table tops that had a similar design! My question, maybe a dumb one, how safe and how durable is resin? or Mod Podge? I’d like to do this to my kitchen island which will obviously have contact with food and see heavy use. Somewhere I also read that Mod Podge should not be used with edibles. Thanks! Great job!

    • says

      Thanks, Deb! Neither Mod Podge nor the type of resin I used are food safe, so you would have to use a mat or plate with food items. The resin is durable but it will show scratches if you are using it as a cutting surface. It holds up well to heavy use, just be sure to apply several small layers and let them cure completely before applying the next layer, otherwise it will take some time for it to set completely.

  6. Tasha says

    Love this idea but question: have you tried this with the original laminate surface on the table? You are applying ModPodge to a more porous surface than laminate during your tutorial. Will the fabric stick as well to laminate?


  7. says

    I am following Mod Podge Rocks and I landed up here…. what a fantastic table and I love the record placemats! I have never used resin before, but know I feel encouraged to give it a try! I am also a Pinterest addict so I will go check out your boards too :)

  8. Cathy says

    Love what you did! Have been on the look-out for an old 50s style table and chair set for years and am still waiting. I really shouldn’t refer to the 50s as “old” as I was born in the mid-50s but I’m getting really tired of the over-used terms vintage, antique and retro! :-)
    When you refer to a “heat tool” are you referring to a blow dryer or something else?
    Many thanks,

  9. says

    Perfect, I was looking for a way to update my craft table top. Using some fabric will be just perfect! A question though: how resistant is the resin once dry?

  10. JaneEllen says

    Awesome is too simple a word to describe that table. Where did you get that fabric, goes perfectly with the table. Great vintage table also. Those old babies just don’t wear out. Love the style so much. Great project also. Must have taken a lot of work but worth it. Looks fantastic. The records on top are a hoot. Happy weekend

  11. tammy says

    What brand of resin did you use and where is the best place to get it. I bought a thrift store table some months ago and still trying to figure out what to do with it.

  12. Patricia Routt says

    I love this, it is beautiful and I have a table in my basement from the 50’s with chrome trim and chrome legs and this would be perfect, I just wish I had those chairs, LOL. Thanks so much for sharing.


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