Easter Decorations: DIY Home Decor Trio

It’s no secret that I like my crafts easy, and inexpensive. These Easter decorations certainly fit the bill. They’re also completely darling!

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-UnleashedI made all three home decor pieces in less than an hour, and the materials cost under five dollars! (I recycled some frames I already had on hand.)

Supplies needed to make your own Easter decorations trio:supply2

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a1The first thing I did for these Easter decorations was remove the backing and glass from my frames. You can discard the glass.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a2Just as a side note- my larger frame was found at a thrift store. It was a horrible powder blue color. I spray painted it silver. Frames can be expensive, and a small investment of a can of spray paint can make these types of projects easier on the budget.

Select what colors you would like for the backgrounds in your frames. I chose a light blue, yellow, and a glittery purple. Measure the inside of your frame and cut the paper to fit. An easy way to do this is to use the glass that came from the frame as a template. Trace around the glass onto your paper, trim, and it will fit perfectly.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a3Insert your trimmed backgrounds, and add the frame backing. You will notice in the photo that my backgrounds are glittery. Core Couture, and Glittersilk cardstock are staples in my projects. Core Couture comes pre-glittered like it was sprayed with glitter, and Glittersilk is full glitter paper. Both papers work great with die cut machines, and electronic cutting machines- and the glitter does not flake off! I love this stuff.

The first Easter decorations frame I completed was the Bunny. This was ridiculously easy. The bunny comes in a kit.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a4The kit costs a dollar and some change. Seriously you guys- I guess you could make your own bunny- but why?

Everything is cut and printed accordingly.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a5I just assembled it using my hot glue gun.

Check out the detail on this!

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a6It even came with the itty bitty rhinestone!

Assemble the bunny:

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a7And then tack it to the frame using small amounts of hot glue where the bunny meets the frame. You do not want to glue it down in the center- the bunny actually floats over the frame.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a8Easter decorations frame one, done!

On to the second frame. This is the largest of the trio of Easter decorations.

Choose some scraps of cardstock that look Easter-y.

Using a 2 Point Flag craft punch, create 12 pennant shapes.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a9Arrange the pennant shapes how you like them inside the Easter decorations frame, and glue them into place. I used hot glue for this too.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a10(See that pretty purple Glittersilk cardstock?) Select the shapes you like from your package of Feltie Easter Stickers. There are 16 shapes in a pack, so you will have 4 shapes left over to make a card or something with. These stickers cost a little over a dollar. For the whole pack. And they are about the cutest things I have ever seen.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a11Faux stitching, rhinestone accents, layers- and they come with the adhesive already! How much easier can it be to make a wonderfully detailed home decor piece?

I removed the sticky backing from these little guys, and added just a bit of hot glue. I have very touchy-feely kids, and I wanted this project to last for many years.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a12DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a13Adhere the Easter stickers to your pennants. Make sure to mix and match colors for variety.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a14Easter decorations frame two, done!

For the final frame- I used mini glue dots rather than the hot glue gun because these darling little carrots are teeny- tiny, and I like having skin on my fingertips.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a15You will need two packages of these mini carrots to fill your Easter decorations specimen frame.

Use a couple of glue dots to adhere the carrots to the background. Arrange them how you like.

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-a16Easter decorations frame three? Done.

I chose to display my trio of Easter decorations with a simple green berry garland. The cheerful pastel colors make me excited for Spring!

DIY-Easter-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-1What Easter decorations are you crafting this year?

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Wonder if our craft stores in Grand Junction have any of those felt stickers, so blasted adorable. Like you said why would somebody want to make them when they can buy them so cheaply, awesome. Your decorations look so darned cute, love them. Great projects. Happy Spring days
    I’m going to save this post so I can refer back to it. No ink so can’t print out yet. Ink cartridges have gotten more expensive, for pete’s sake, it’s just ink in little containers, how can it be that expensive? Went to City Mkt. last night looking for what I need, HP 60, just for black was $17.99, then went to Walgreens, $20.49 for just the black and combo of black/color was $39.99. Greedy greedy. Makes me so disgusted. Guess some of us won’t be able to afford to print anything any more if they keep going like this. Sorry for the rant. Loved your Easter decos, happy spring.

  2. says

    This is SO CUTE! The minute I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it. I am so sad that the bunny felt kit is unavailable. I searched Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Cut Rate Crafts and the link provided and nothing similar! Will have to keep looking around.

    Great tutorial and idea! Thanks for sharing.



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