Festive Moss Ball

As we’re getting closer to Christmas, I thought it’d be fun to play around with using moss to make a decorative piece for the house. After all, it’s green, so that makes it appropriate for the season, right? I ended up with this festive orb. It can be used for table decor, or even hung up as a mistletoe. So turn on the carols and let’s get crafting!

Supplies needed to make your own festive moss balls:

Insert the cloth covered floral wire into the Styrofoam ball and punch it through so that both ends protrude.

Make a small loop on one end, and a large loop on the other.

Cut several 2″ segments of the thinner floral wire, then fold each piece in half to make a U shape.

Spray your moss with water, so that it’s easier to work with, then you can start pinning the sheets to the Styrofoam ball.

Using the U-shaped pins you just created, pin the moss to the foam ball. Keep pinning until the entire sphere has been covered.

Once your sphere is all covered with moss, add the berry accents. Starting from the top, pin the berry garland on top of the moss. I spiraled mine around the sphere.

Lastly, pin the ribbon around the berry garland, then add a bow to the larger of the wire loops on the ball.

You can vary up the decorations on the moss however you’d like. For instance, you could pin tinsel on, instead of ribbon, or if you had small acorns, you could glue those onto a pin and pin them to the moss. The options are endless!

Hope this gets you in the holiday spirit, too!


  1. Lucy Beliveau says

    Oh, Esther! Your Festive Ball is exquisite! I love it and will make one today!!! I found some mistletoe yesterday so will use it instead of the moss!! I think I may even make one for my dear Daughter, Emily! Oh, to be so gifted! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays! Love your blog!!!


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