DIY Embroidery Hoop Frames

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I turned the big 4-0 this past weekend, so I did a lot of celebrating…  Yay for birthdays!

I’m excited to be sharing an incredibly easy project with all of you today!  If you’ve ever wanted to craft with an embroidery hoop, but didn’t have the ’embroidery’ skills, today is your lucky day! We’re going to transform embroidery hoops into photo frames — and it will only take you about 10-15 minutes!

Embroidery-Hoop--Frames-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own embroidery hoop frames:supply-list

Step 1. Measure and cut your fabric to fit your embroidery hoop frames.  I used a 7″ hoop and left a 1/2″ to 1″ of extra fabric all the way around the hoop.  I like to be safe, rather than sorry {wink}.

Step 2. Place the fabric in your embroidery hoop and pull tight.

Step 3. The photo tabs I used were the ones you lick and stick.  So, I placed mine on each corner of the picture and decided where I was going to place the photo on the hoop.

Step 4. I then glued my photo tabs in place (one at a time).  In the photo above you can see the photo tabs in place without the photo.

Embroidery-hoop-frames-Crafts-Unleashed-2Step 5. Trim the fabric on the back — or you can glue it onto the back of the hoop as well (which is a more permanent option).

Place your pictures into each of the photo tabs and you’re done!  I printed my pictures from my instagram feed at a local Walgreens.  The pictures are four inch squares (4×4).  So, I can easily print additional pictures and swap them out — using this just like a picture frame.  Pretty awesome, right?

Embroidery-hoop-frames-Crafts-Unleashed-2Of course you can use hoops of all shapes and sizes, as well as photographs too!  Imagine the possibilities.  I’ve hung a couple of my embroidery hoop frames  in my work room and have plans for a few more elsewhere in the near future.  I’m in love!

Embroidery-hoop-frames-Crafts-Unleashed-1What do you think?  These DIY embroidery hoop frames are incredibly easy — and super functional!  Happy crafting, friends.


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