DIY Spice Jars with Free Printable Labels

DIY Spice RackWe usually buy spices in bulk, so our pantry is full of little ziplock baggies of spices. It gets pretty frustrating trying to find spices when they’re stored this way, so I thought it was time to change that. So I drew up some labels and made a spice rack. Now the pantry looks so much better, and I don’t get as frustrated when I cook!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY spice rack:

First, print the spice jar labels out on cardstock, then cut them out. I drew this set, but feel free to create your own!
02Carefully crank each label through the Xyron sticker machine.
0304Line your jars up so the flat ends in the front are facing you. This ensures that your labels will all be oriented the same way when you store them. (The jars have two flat edges: one on the bottom, and one on the front of the jar). Make sure the lids are screwed on tightly, then carefully adhere the stickers to the top of the lid. The stickers aren’t re-positionable, so just be aware of that before you lay them down!
05The inside of the caps aren’t lined, so you might want to line them. Do this by creating a second set of circular stickers (you can make them the same size as the jar labels above). Adhere them to the inside of the caps.

To create a rack to hold my spice jars, I took a large box top and cut out three rectangles with an X-Acto knife.
0609Voila! Instant storage.
DIY Spice Jars
08Already have a spice rack? Well…I found that these spice jars make fun gifts! I’ve been making a lot of rosemary caramel corn recently, and thought a ‘make your own’ popcorn kit could be fun to give as party favors or as gifts!


  1. La La says

    I have been looking for a creative way of making spice labels and yours are some of the best.

    Thank you for the time to post and share your craft.


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