DIY Napkin Rings with Washi Tape and Popsicle Sticks

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us and will be here before you know it.  These super simple DIY napkin rings with Washi Tape can be the star of your holiday table.  The secret to making these?  Popsicle sticks!  Read on to find out how.


Supplies Needed to Make Your Own DIY Napkin Rings:

diy-napkin-rings-suppliesAre you wondering how we are going to use those craft sticks for these DIY napkin rings?  Drop a bunch in boiling water for 20 minutes.  This will make them loose and pliable.  Add more sticks to the water than you will need.  Trust me, you will have some that will break or not turn out right.

diy-napkin-rings-sticks-boilingCarefully remove them from the water, one by one.  As soon as you can handle them with your hands, shove them down inside of a cup.  The cup needs to be approximately the size you want for your napkin rings.  As you can see from the final picture, we will be using baker’s twine to hold them together so the size does not have to be exact.  I put as many in each cup as I could.  Sometimes the craft sticks will break or splinter.  Don’t get discouraged — you will have some that will form up nicely and be perfect.

diy-napkin-rings-process Allow them to dry in your cup for at least 24 hours.  The longer they stay in the cup the better.  Remove them from the cup and paint them the color of your choice.  When dry, add washi tape to the outside of the rings.  At this point, my DIY napkin rings were looking like the below picture.  They were inconsistent in size and shape.

diy-napkin-ringsBut we are going to fix that.  Punch a hole in both ends of your napkin ring.  You will need a heavy duty hole punch to do this, or you can use a drill with a small drill bit.

diy-napkin-ringsNext. thread through bakers twine in the color of your choice and pull to close the napkin rings.  Tie the baker’s twine and your napkin rings are done.  On some of mine, I added a bow and others I just knotted.

diy-napkin-ringsI ended up doing a wide variety of styles while playing with this method of DIY napkin rings.  This way you could have enough for lots of holidays and dinner parties.

diy-napkin-ringsLet’s play around and see how they would look in different table settings.  Maybe red for Christmas?

diy-napkin-rings-finishedThe stripes seemed to go well with this vintage linen place mat.

diy-napkin-rings-finishedI love this ruler themed washi tape.  It is by far my favorite.  This one could be used for many occasions.

diy-napkin-ringsIf the ruler is my favorite, this sheet music version is a close runner up.  I am so glad I painted this one in black before applying the tape.  The color really makes it pop!

diy-napkin-ringsLastly, we have a typography washi tape on an orange ring.  I thought this one would be great for Thanksgiving.

diy-napkin-ringsFive different options of DIY napkin rings for your holiday tables.  Which ones are your favorite?  Are you ready to boil some craft sticks yet?


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