DIY Mosaic Mirror Picture Frames

I love to decorate with photos. I am also a huge collector of frames. I may have a small gallery wall problem, (I have three!) but that is another story.  With all my photos, I am in need of some cute frames.  So I decided to whip up some one of kind picture frames! I used smashed up tiled mirrors to create these unique DIY mosaic frames. I love the way it also reflects a little light in my house.

DIY-mosaic-frame-Crafts-UnleashedWould you like to make your own DIY mosaic mirror frame? It really isn’t that hard!!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY mosaic mirror frame:supply2

Start by painting the inside and outside edges of your wooden frame white.

DIY-mosaic-frame-Crafts-Unleashed-2Place the tiled mirror in a cloth and then smash them with a hammer.  Please be careful!

DIY-mosaic-frame-Crafts-Unleashed-3Using a small amount of Gorilla Glue, carefully glue the mirror pieces on to the frame.  I like to work with the bigger pieces then fill in using the smaller mirror pieces. This part looks like it would take forever but it actually is quite fast! This frame took me about 15 minutes to glue.  Once the pieces are on, let the frame sit overnight to dry.

DIY-mosaic-frame-Crafts-Unleashed-4I found my grout at a local hardware store and it was premixed.  Using a spreader, work the grout around the frame. It helps to apply pressure then scrape off the excess grout. Take a damp sponge and lightly rub off any excess grout on the mirrors. Then scrape off any extra grout from the sides and inside of the frame. Let the grout dry for about 4 hours before completely cleaning off the mirrors. Don’t worry about there being a slight glaze over the mirrors. This will come off with a little water.

DIY-mosaic-frame-Crafts-Unleashed-5Clean up your DIY mosaic frame and add your favorite picture!






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  1. Patricia Routt says

    Really cute simple way to change up the look of your frames and give your mantle or wall a fresh new look. Thanks for sharing.


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