DIY Macrame Hot Pink Wall Hanging

I’m sure you’ve noticed that wall hangings are all the rage again. This time around, most of the weaving and macrame techniques are the same but there are many ways to modernize the overall look of a wall hanging. I used this awesome hot pink paracord with traditional macrame knots to create a fresh, hip DIY macrame wall hanging. Despite the many steps in this project, it only uses two macrame knots so even a beginner can do it! But you might want to put a movie on – this takes a couple of hours for a beginner!

DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own DIY macrame wall hanging:supply-list

DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-01Step 1: Cut 20 pieces of paracord at 4.2 feet each. Each pack of paracord yields five of these pieces so you need four packs.

DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-02Step 2: Secure the pieces of paracord to the wooden dowel. Loop the paracord in half, place over the dowel and then pull the loose ends of the cord over the dowel and through the loop. Repeat for each piece of paracord.

DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-2Step 3: Create a row of square knots. For a square knot, you need four pieces of paracord (see them numbered in photo). Place cord 1 over 2 and 3 and then under cord 4. Take cord 4 under 2 and 3, then over cord 1. Tighten the knot. Repeat this all the way across the dowel. DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-3DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-09Step 4: We will do another square knot but this time we will come from the other direction, the right side. The steps are exactly the same, just reversed. Take cord 4 over 2 and 3, then under cord 1. Now place cord 1 under 2 and 3, then over cord 4.  Do this all the way across the row.DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-4Step 5: Make another square knot following the directions in Step 3. But before you start the knot, move down the cord a bit so your knot will be lower. This just creates a slightly different look because there will be some space between your last two rows and this one. DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-6

DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-18Step 6: Now we are going to use the double half hitch knot. Take the first cord on the left and place it horizontally across all the other vertical cords. This is called the holding cord and your knots will wrap around this.

Please excuse my wonky diagram; I didn’t get a good photo of this step. Take the next cord (the first vertical cord now), go over the holding cord, then under the holding cord.DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-19Finish the row by tying a knot at the end (just using the holding cord, knotted on itself). This sort of slips into the last half hitch knot so it appears seamless. Leave the excess cord for later.DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-22Step 7: We’re going back to the square knot but this time we are adding a twist – it’s called the alternating square knot. First, move down the cords a little to create some distance from the row of double half hitch knots. Begin with eight pieces of cord, which creates two square knots. Now here is the difference – use the middle four cords to create a square knot, leaving the outside cords dangling. Then go back to making the regular two square knots and then end on a square knot in the middle four cords. You can do this as many times as you’d like but you can see I created a sort of heart shape with just six knots.DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-8Step 8: Create another row of double half hitch knots, following Step 6.

DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-28Step 9: Create a little distance from the last row of knots by moving down the cords to start knotting again. We’re just doing the square knot again from the left and then from the right (just like Steps 3 & 4). I started doing these straight across and then decided to make them in a V pattern. You can achieve this look just by creating the knots lower down on the vertical cords (see final photo).DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-8Step 10: Optional – you can trim the cords in any shape you’d like. I also frayed the ends a little bit. DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-33That’s it! I know there seem to be many steps and if you’ve never done macrame, it might seem like a lot. But seriously, once you get that square knot down, you can whip a row of knots out in no time. And I’ll tell you a secret – I practiced a little, but this is my first DIY macrame piece ever (unless you count those weird corded bracelets that kids made in the 90s 😉 ). DIY-macrame-wall-hanging-Crafts-Unleashed-35I think if I practice more, my double half hitch rows will tighten up and be even prettier. But I’m thrilled with this DIY macrame project! The pop of pink is perfect for summer. What do you think – will you tackle this project?


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