DIY End Table Storage Cube {Furniture Makeover}

While I’ve always admired furniture painting projects on various blogs, I never took one on because I don’t have the patience for them.  Sanding, priming, staining….ugh!  I would lose interest before ever completing the project.  Then I tried Americana’s Chalky Finish Paint, and my views changed.  No tedious prep work required with this product:  Just paint it!  I’ve been decorating my house with thrifted items that I refresh with Chalky Finish Paint, and here’s my newest piece.  Inspired by this designer ottoman, I made my own dice shaped DIY end table storage cube.

DIY-end-table-storage-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own DIY end table storage cube:supply-list

Step one:  Dust off the wood cube and start painting.  Seriously, it’s that easy!  No priming or sanding required, even on laminate!  After one application has dried, apply a second coat of paint.  It goes on glossy but dries to an ultra matte, chalky finish.
Step two:  Paint the unfinished circles white.
Step three:  Use the wood glue to adhere the circles to your new DIY end table wood cube.
While the chalky finish paint provides an excellent finish for items that will be handled daily, like this storage piece, you’ll need to seal the paint with wax.  I used DecoArt’s Satin FinishWax Creme.  Apply it with a soft cloth and buff.
What a transformation!  The yellowing, outdated storage cube I started with now has a fresh, new look.  I was able to complete this DIY end table project in one afternoon, and now I have a new furniture piece for a fraction of the designer’s price.
What furniture find will you restore with Chalky Finish Paint?

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Morena Hockley is the crafty mind behind the tutorials at She loves to share ideas for projects that are fast, frugal, and fabulous: easy on time and money, and great to look at! Morena is a stay at home mom to four young children, and crafting is what helps her maintain her sanity. It’s a wonderful outlet and it’s how she gets her “me” time. In a past life, Morena was an elementary school teacher and an assistant principal. She misses teaching, so her blog is in a sense a virtual classroom. Make sure to swing by and check out Morena’s Corner!


  1. JaneEllen says

    That is one of cutest and best projects I’ve seen. A different idea, love that. How cute to make it a die instead of concentrating on making over as a table. I’ve yet to find the Americana chalky finish paint. Our area is quite slow to order/obtain new products and it’s frustrating when I keep reading about them for months on blog land.
    I mean, come on Grand Junction. When i ask about new products I get blank stares like I’m speaking another language. There are 3 craft supply stores in G.J., Michaels, Jo-Ann’s and Hobby lobby, wouldn’t you think one of them would have knowledge about new products? Maybe that would be a good job for me. Come on G.J. get with the program.
    Another product was mentioned on this post about DecoArt wax creme. Nope that isn’t in their radar either. Well at least I know about these products so can keep an eye out for them, maybe next year? lol


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