Vintage Inspired DIY Doily Placemats

I have a real love for vintage inspired projects and I’m fairly certain that I drive my husband nuts in wanting to slowly bring that feel into my home.  I think doilies have a very rustic, aged look to them.  I also love that they come in different materials too, like paper.  There’s just something lovely and eclectic about them.  I recently had the notion to buy some smaller doilies and stitch them together to make a DIY doily placemat.  I love using placemats and/or napkins as a part of my centerpieces and home decor. With that in mind, I went to work.

Vintage-Inspired-diy-Doily-Placemats-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own DIY doily placemats:

I used one pack of the 4″ Ecru Pineapple Doily (12 count) for this placemat.  The very first thing you’ll want to do is be sure that your doilies are nice and flat, so steam or iron them.

You’ll then want to lay them out in the design and size you are wanting.

Position doilies into layout of choicesOnce I had them in place, I used my handy dandy painter’s tape to keep them straight and lined up.  I pressed very lightly, so that it wouldn’t stick to my work space.

Continue taping all side of each doilyNow, we’ll need to turn the entire piece over.  Some doilies may shift, so ensure they are placed back where they need to be before you start stitching.

Carefully turn the doily over for stitchingYou’ll then grab your needle and thread and begin stitching.  It’s a bit tedious, but the final result is perfect!  I did 4-5 stitches at each point where the doilies met.  It probably took me about 30-4o minutes, which isn’t too bad.

start stiching doilies togetherAnd if we take a closer look, you can’t even see the stitches!  I placed mine on top of a piece of burlap that I measured and cut to fit under the DIY doily placemat. I think the burlap compliments it perfectly.  What do you think?

Vintage Inspired Doily PlacematI think a DIY doily runner is in the near future!   Happy crafting, friends!


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