Pottery Barn Knock-Off: Diamond Panel Wall Art DIY

Did you know that I love a lot of the designs and art work from Pottery Barn?  I love a lot of their furniture too.  But I don’t love the price.  So when I saw this really pretty Yellow Diamond Panel from Pottery Barn, I knew that I could easily recreate it with the help the new Chalky line of paints from Americana!

wall-art-DIY-CraftsUnleashedThis wall art DIY piece took a little bit of patience to create, but it was not difficult at all!  If you can paint and sand, you can definitely re-create this Yellow Diamond Art for your own home just like I did!

Wall-art-diy-Crafts-UnleashedIsn’t that just so much fun!  This wall art DIY is a bit modern and a bit rustic.  I think the triangle shapes are so much fun and unexpected and the cream and yellow color is just perfect for my home!  You can of course customize this diamond wall art DIY to match the colors in your home too!

wall-art-DIY-CraftsUnleashedSupplies needed to make your own diamond panel wall art DIY:


supplies-collage-a-CUBefore I began, I gave my plywood a quick sanding to remove any rough edges.  Then I used a foam roller and my off-white chalky paint to give my entire board a white base.  Then I let it dry completely.  Thankfully, chalk paint dries really quickly so this wall art DIY went together quickly.

Then I took my painters tape and began taping off my board.  Because the triangles all touch, I had to tape off just one or two triangles at a time to paint.

I mixed about 50% Delicate (light yellow) and 50% Heritage (dark yellow) paint to create the perfect yellow for this project.  Then I used my foam brush to give each triangle two coats of my mixed yellow paint.

Check out my pictures below to see how I taped and painted my board.

Tape and Paint Board CollageCan I tell you how much I LOVE this Chalky paint!?  It paints and covers so nicely and leaves such a pretty finish.  It is also really easy to sand and distress which makes it the perfect kind of paint for a wall art DIY project like this.

After my board was dry I cut my 1″ x 2″ boards to fit around my final board like a frame.

Sand-and-Stain-Collage-a-CU1Then I sanded and stained the frame pieces and then I distressed my triangle board using sandpaper.


Sand-and-Stain-Collage-a-CU3I attached my frame to the sides of my plywood using our brad nail gun and some wood glue.  But if you don’t have a brad nailer, don’t worry, you can use just wood glue for this wall art DIY instead!  Just be sure to secure the boards together with clamps or painters tape to clamp it all together while it dries.

Then attach a hanger to the back of your wall art and enjoy!

Knock-Off-Triangle-Art-DSC05947-CUI love how our new artwork looks in our home!  It took less then half a day to complete this wall art DIY (including all dry time) and we love how it turned out!


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  1. Muriel says

    Would you mind to share the dimensions of the triangles for the math-impaired? I believe each triangle is an 8′ equilateral triangle, but I don’t want to make assumptions!

  2. Allison@theletterboxblog.com says

    Amazing job! I was just on the PB website and this piece of art caught my eye. But, like you, I feel the price cannot be justified. Thanks for sharing!


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