Make a Knotted Yarn DIY Headband

I don’t knit or crochet, but I do love yarn.  The wide variety of colors and textures make yarn such an appealing medium!  The ruffle yarn at Consumer Crafts caught my eye when I saw it listed in the “Just Added” section of the site, and I knew I wanted to make something with it.
This DIY headband is quite literally a five minute craft, not including drying time.  The knot may look intricate, but it’s astonishingly simple to do.  Here’s how to make a looped yarn DIY headband.

Supplies needed to make your own yarn DIY headband:supply2

To begin, cut 4 pieces of yarn, making each one 24 inches long.  Divide the yarn strips into two groups.  Then, you will loop it as pictured below.

Yarn-DIY-Headband-Crafts-Unleashed-step 1

Yarn-DIY-Headband-Crafts-Unleashed-step 2

Yarn-DIY-Headband-Crafts-Unleashed-step 3

Yarn-DIY-Headband-Crafts-Unleashed-step 4Pull both ends gently away from each other to make the “knot.”

Yarn-DIY-Headband-Crafts-Unleashed-step 5Measure the DIY headband to your head, and cut off the excess.  Use fabric glue to adhere the yarn to the fabric, fold the fabric over, and glue closed.

Yarn-DIY-Headband-Crafts-Unleashed-step 6
(I held it in place with clothes pins while it dried.)
Yarn-DIY-Headband-Crafts-Unleashed-step 7
You could use more or less strips of yarn to change the width of your headband.
I like that this DIY headband is understated yet still pretty.  They’re so quick to make that you could make several in multiple colors in no time!

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  1. Jamie says

    For the first time I think I can actually make this knot. Thanks for an excellent tutorial. Love the headband!!! Pinned it!


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