How To Carve Custom Stamps from Erasers

Ever wanted a custom stamp but could not afford one?  I have a super simple way to create unique, handmade stamps. Today, I will show you how to make stamps from erasers.  Grab some wood carving tools and lets get started!

How to Make Stamps from Erasers - Crafts UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own custom stamps:

The process is so super simple.  But after some trial and error I found it was much simpler to explain on a video.  You can watch me make the feather stamp pictured above in less than 8 minutes!  That is right you can watch the entire process of making a stamp in the video below.

So now that you have made a custom stamp, what can you do with it?  I made a few projects with the stamps that I made.  I started with a “V” shaped stamp and a recipe box.
carving stamps with wood carving toolsI made a herringbone type pattern around the sides of the box to give my kitchen a little flair.

how to carve stamps from erasersNext I had to use that feather stamp that I made in the video.  I grabbed a pack of cork trivets for this project.
carving stamps with wood carving toolsI also used some tiles from the home improvement store.  I added non slip feet to the bottom of both tiles.

carving stamps with wood carving toolsI then stamped the cork and added that to the top of both tiles.  These are the best trivets ever!

carving stamps with wood carving toolsI am chomping at the bit to make even more stamps.  The possibilities are endless once you master this craft technique.  I am off to dream up even more custom stamps.

Want even more ideas for stamps?  Check out these stamps that Niki carved last year.

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  1. Julie says

    Hi, This is how I first became interested in stamping with rubber stamps. Words of warning though-it can become addictive and take care as you carve out your design. One lady doing it with me badly cut a finger with one of the her carving tools and then blamed our teacher!!!!


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