How To Emboss Metal in 4 Simple Steps

Sometimes I feel like a novice when it comes to using my Sizzix Big Shot.  I am the type of person that learns by doing, so I grabbed a few supplies and started experimenting.  Today, I am going to show you how to emboss metal in 4 simple steps. I came up with two great projects using this technique – first up is embroidery hoop art.

How To Emboss Metal in 4 Simple StepsSupplies needed to make your own embossed metal embroidery hoop art:

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-002Step 1: Cut the metal to the size of your embossing folder. This aluminum on a roll is extremely thin.  So thin in fact, that you can cut it with scissors.  This makes it perfect to run through your Sizzix.  It is really no different than paper.

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-003Step 2: Insert the cut foil into the folder and run it through your machine.  A few pointers: experiment with the platform and cutting pads until you get the right thickness.  I found that the cutting platform does not always have the proper thickness for my project, so I will use a few pieces of cardstock on the platform for some extra thickness.

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-004Step 3: Once I had successfully embossed the metal sheets, I wondered what to do with them now.  I grabbed a few embroidery hoops and began folding the metal by hand over the side.  Again, this metal is so thin that you can work it similar to a thick cardstock.

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-005Step 4: Finally, work the foil until you can slip the hoop over the top.  Trim the excess off of the back with scissors.

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-006The roll of metal mentioned above is actually gold on one side and silver on the other.  It is like two products for one.  I flipped it over in my embossing folder to get gold sometimes and silver other times.

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-001I even have a bonus project using embossed metal!  I kept looking at these gorgeous sheets and came up with another idea: metal magnets.

How To Emboss Metal in 4 Simple Steps-2Supplies needed to make your own embossed metal magnets:

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-007I embossed the metal the same way as the first project.  Then, just cut it into strips that are as wide as your magnets.  I used the self adhesive feature of the magnet but found a little E6000 as extra insurance really helped keep everything together.  I applied my metal to the magnet then trimmed any excess with scissors afterward.

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-008You can have a whole stack of customized metal embossed magnets in no time!

How to emboss metal using your sizzix big shot-009As you can see, I am in love with the rulers embossing folder, but any of the great embossing folders over at Consumer Crafts would work for these projects.  Order yourself an aluminum roll and get started today!

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  1. Barbara macaskill says

    I just got home from the store where I bought 2 three packs of the tinfoil pans for $2.50 total. I am planning to emboss them and also die cut them with my Spellbinder’s Grand Calibur. I laughed when I saw this blog post! I guess the adage “Great Minds Think Alike” is true! LOL Have a great day!

  2. Laura S says

    I saw a tutorial where a crafter cut a square from the bottom of a foil pan and used it to embellish a card. It was very pretty and she had plenty of foil left for other projects. She stated that the thickness of the pan was just perfect for embossing. Thanks for sharing your cute hoop and magnet projects!

  3. bob etier says

    For small metal embossing projects, you can recycle soft drink or beer cans. They can be cut into sheets with scissors, and I use them in my Bigz and–especially–Vagabond die cutters.

    • Janet Collins says

      I also do the soda can jewelry/art. Right now I am doing a lot of magnets. I have the Sizzix machine and it works great!

  4. Ruth says

    wow, thank you so much for this great information…

    Were the winners announced for your last contest?
    Guess I missed it…. Smiles & Hugs, Ruth

  5. Christy Geiser says

    Love it.I have never thought about using foil.Great idea thanks for sharing.Happy National Scrapbook Day.

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