DIY Gold Leaf Flower Pots

Need a touch of rustic glam for your outdoor flowers?  Make these metal gold leaf DIY flower pots with arrows (or any shape).  These are super simple to make but will make a big impact on your porch.  I love that they are rusty metal but have the gold leaf touch that is amazing.

Gold leaf DIY flower potsSupplies needed to make your own gold leaf DIY flower pots:

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-001I used my Silhouette to cut out arrow shapes from some Silhouette vinyl I had on hand.  The vinyl is gold but that is NOT what makes a gold shape on the flower pots.  I am going to be using the vinyl only as a mask. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can hand cut any shape you’d like out of contact paper or vinyl using a craft knife.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-002Apply the vinyl to your flower pot in the location you want the gold leaf.  Use the eraser end of a pencil or Popsicle stick to burnish around all the edges of the arrow.  You want to make sure your spray adhesive does not get under the vinyl.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-003Use painter’s masking tape around the vinyl to be sure the entire pot is masked off.  We will be using spray adhesive which is harder to control where the spray lands.  I masked my pot very well.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-004Then, take your pot outside and apply a good coat of the spray adhesive.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-005Remove the masking tape and the vinyl, and you will be left with an arrow shaped area of adhesive.  While you are removing the mask, the adhesive dries just slightly but that is great because now you can apply your gold leaf easily.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-006Carefully remove one gold sheet from the package.  Gold leaf is extremely thin.  Even if it rips, go ahead and apply it as you will not be able to tell once it is on.  Use a soft paint brush to gently apply the gold leaf to the adhesive area.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-007Continue to gently work the gold leaf with your soft paint brush. The gold leaf will fall off where there is no adhesive.  Continue working until you are left with just your arrow shape.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-008Allow to dry for 30 minutes or so, then apply a coat of outdoor Mod Podge to just the arrow.  Allow to dry and apply another coat if desired.

gold leaf metal flower pots with arrows-009Plant some flowers and you are ready to display your new creations.

Gold leaf DIY flower pots -3I love that they are slightly rustic yet have an elegant gold leaf arrow detail.  Lovely on any porch or outdoor container garden.  Buy your gold leaf and get started today.

Gold leaf DIY flower pots -2

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