DIY Patterned Tights

01-hero_watermarkI’ve been wanting to make my own patterned tights since seeing this tutorial by Katie on Lemon Jitters (she’s also a contributor on the Crafts Unleashed blog!). I’m never one to throw things away, so this was the perfect opportunity to use tights that had been sitting in my closet for a while.

Supplies needed to make your own DIY tights:

First, fold the cardstock in half and cut the sheet into two. Round off the corners. This will be the protective layers that you insert into your tights to prevent the paint from bleeding through.
02Create your stencil using your hole punch and the painter’s tape. The best way to make a seamless pattern is to punch smaller segments of tape and then tape them all together.

03Adhere a piece of tape to each side of the stencil (this should be the length of your pattern, and will protect the tights when you paint).

04Use your paint dabbers to fill in the punched out area. You may have to use several coats of paint to get the color bold enough.

05 06Let the paint dry, then carefully peel off the tape stencil. If it’s still in tact after you peel it off, you can use the stencil for the other leg.

07Follow the instructions on the bottle to set the fabric paint.

09I love how the gold patterned jazzes up these bright blue tights. It makes them fun to wear again!



  1. Dus says

    how perfect for such a fun colored tights! I love Katie’s hearts version & that you did your own remix w/ the fun chevron print! great choice on the paint color too!


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