5 Minute Embellished Silhouette Cover

I love crafting, but my craft space always seems to be a mess. Can you relate?

I wanted to add a little fun and cutesy to my {messy} space so I thought, why not dress up a plain and simple dust cover for one of my favorite crafting tools…

Embellished Silhouette Cover - Crafts UnelashedIt’s such a quick and easy project, but it makes me smile and helps my space look a little more put together and inspiring!

Supplies needed to make your own embellished Silhouette cover:

Silhouette-embellished-cover-suppliesStep 1: Select the flower you want to overlay on your 4 inch burlap craft flower. The package of the canvas craft flowers comes with three to choose from. I chose the shabby chic one with a little pearl embellishment in the center. {Hint: if you want to change the color of the canvas craft  flower, you can! Simply paint it!}

5-minute-embellished-silhouette-canvas-coverStep 2:  Apply the Fabri-Tac to the back of the burlap flower and place on the canvas dust cover. If you have never used Fabri-Tac , you are in for a treat! It is like hot glue but not hot. It is a great way to attach fabrics.

canvas-embellished-silhouette-coverStep 3: Attach the canvas flower you chose with the Fabri-Tac by simply applying the adhesive to the back and placing the flower on top of the burlap flower.

embellished-silhouette-cover-tutorialThat is it! All done and in less than 5 minutes!

Silhouette-cover-embellished-burlapNow when you walk into your craft room, craft closet, or cabinet, this embellished cover will spark your creativity!

Embellished Silhouette Cover 2- Crafts UnelashedSo simple but so sweet! I love creating and keeping my supplies organized and tidy, which helps me be more productive. How about you?


  1. Cheryl says

    I like your ideas, but I have a problem. To do them you have to have unlimited resources. I am on a very limited budget and would live to try some of your craft ideas, but have no way to do so. If you are a full time crafter and earn a living doing this then I can understand, but for me that is not possible.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Sarah {Crafts Unleashed Editor} says

      Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog! Crafts Unleashed is the craft blog of ConsumerCrafts.com, an online craft store. We have 10-12 craft designers that create tutorials for us and we provide them with the supplies needed for these projects.

      We want to inspire your own creativity, not make you feel overwhelmed or disappointed. Maybe you can start with a project that uses many of the supplies you already have on hand?


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