Building a Dollhouse: Furniture From Recycled Materials

Making dollhouse furniture from recycled materials is so much fun.  It makes you look at a bottle cap, scrap of fabric, bead, or jardollhouse_bistro_1 (1) lid in an entirely different way.   Using recycled materials that would otherwise be trash to make something special and unique is always rewarding.

For several weeks, I saved tops of lids, bottle caps, and other odds and ends.  I looked through my recycled collection the other day to see what I was inspired by.

I loved the looks of the metal bottle caps and thought they would be perfect little breakfast table seats!

To make the breakfast table seats:

I covered the bottle caps with a small amount of batting and then I folded fabric over the sides.


The fabric should be glued tightly against the inside of the bottle caps and any excess fabric should be trimmed away.


Next, to make the seat legs I used plastic fork tines.  Using sharp scissors I was easily able to cut each tine from the fork.  Then I hot glued each tine to the inside of the bottle cap using a fair amount of glue to keep each leg securely in place.


Once the glue is hard and dry, flip the chair over.  I made three to go with my breakfast table.


To make the breakfast table:

I recycled a metal jar lid and sanded the lid to make it easier for paint to adhere.  I also lightly sanded a small mini funnel.  I painted several coats of acrylic paint onto the lid and the funnel.  Once the lid and funnel were dry I tested to see how they looked height-wise next to the chairs.  The table seemed a little short next to the chairs.  So I decided to hot glue a few large beads to the top of the funnel to give it height.


By adding a few beads for height made it perfectly proportional with the chairs.


Lastly, I wanted a floor lamp that coordinated with the table and chairs.

To make the floor lamp:

I had some small communion cups that my daughter had purchased last year to make small holiday jingle bells but they were also the perfect shape for a lamp shade.  An alternative to the communion cups would be a small medicine cup.  The small cups will need a hole at the top.  The easiest way to make a hole in the plastic is to heat up a yarn needle’s tip with a lighter and then insert it into the top of the cup.  To make the lamp you will also need a mini funnel, pipe cleaner, and small plastic beads.  I lightly sanded the funnel and the communion cup with sandpaper and then painted several coats of acrylic paint onto them.  Then I looped the end of a pipe cleaner and inserted it through the bottom of the funnel.


Next, I threaded several small plastic beads onto the pipe cleaner and attached the lampshade.  I twisted the pipe cleaner at the top of the lampshade to hold it in place and cut away the excess.


I am very happy with how the recycled dollhouse furniture turned out and can’t wait for my granddaughter to use them in her dollhouse when it is completed.

dollhouse_bistro_1 (1)


  1. kate says

    thankyou these is want i been looking for recycled furnture to make have you got any more ideas if you donot mind could u email me some thankyou

  2. Jaejaejae says

    Fabulous! This is exactly what my daughter and I were looking for – she has a school project that involves making a doll house and furnishings from recycled materials.

  3. shawneegal says

    What a clever use of recycled items. I love miniatures and recycling in my crafts. Very creative and thanks for sharing

  4. Cynthia Bartlett says

    You are amazingly creative. I don’t know how you find the time. Looking forward to the next post.

  5. Paul says

    Pam your comments mean the world to me! I am not new to crafting, dollhouse making, or miniatures but I am new to sharing my work online. Your encouragement feels wonderful and makes me want to share more. Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I will make more tutorials to share! :-)

  6. Pam says

    This is sooooo incredibly awesome!! YOu are the MOST talented ‘mini’ green maker I have seen!!! Great work…do more! do more!!


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