DIY Mini Canvas Image Transfers

These tiny, adorable and affordable canvases are begging to be covered in art or photos and shared! I chose two of my favorite pieces of my daughter’s art from this year. Whether you choose to display these quick projects on a matching tiny easel, propped with some other pretty bits or by adding a hanging loop to make a holiday ornament, you’ll love the memories on display.

To create your own similar mini canvas image transfers, you’ll need:

To create my tiny images, I took photos of the art I wanted to use and scaled it down on the computer to fit either my 3 x 3 or 2 x 4 canvas. I also printed a few family photos. Both are perfect for this! I used plain copy paper for printing, because the light weight makes it easier to wrap the tiny canvas. The finish will depend on the Mod Podge formula you choose to use. You may prefer glossy to matte, or vice versa.

I added a light gray square to my images before printing so that I knew exactly where I wanted my edges to go.

To assemble, apply an even coat of Mod Podge to the front of the canvas.

Hold the art and canvas up to a light source to center your art on the canvas.

Place it face down on a smooth surface and rub it firmly from the reverse side. Applying pressure from the front could warp your canvas.

Notch the corners of your canvas and then trim the edges to match the thickness of the frame.

Apply a light coat of Mod Podge under the sides and smooth them down to the frame. Apply a smooth coat of Mod Podge on the face and sides of your canvas.

In the case of a piece of art where the proportions don’t quite match the canvas proportions, use washi tape to “frame” your work.

And that’s it! Share and enjoy!


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    I’m all over this idea. I’ve had a batch of square canvas sitting around for ages just waiting for the perfect idea. I want to do the kids photos and add a loop of ribbon to hand on the Christmas tree. Such a darling idea!


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