Wedding Crafts: How to Make Your Own Wedding Headband Veil

Growing up I knew that my mother’s wedding dress was stored away for me, if I wanted to wear it on the bridal_veilday that I was married.  My mother is and always has been a lot smaller than me.  It was quite obvious from the very beginning of my engagement that I was going to need my own wedding dress.  However, I was very touched that my mom had saved her wedding dress for me and I wanted to incorporate her dress into my big day, somehow, someway.  I decided to use some of the beads from my mother’s wedding dress on my wedding veil.  My mother’s dress was hand-beaded with beautiful pearl style beads.  I removed several of the beads and hand-sewed them onto a satin headband.  I then attached tulle for the veil.

With my wedding veil in mind, I created a tutorial on how to make your own wedding headband veil.  However, instead of beads you can add easy elegance to your wedding veil using rhinestones and Darice’s Rhinestone Setter.

Materials Needed:

  • Vl3041 40X30 White Veil
  • 2704-01 Darice Rhinestone Setter
  • 2704-35 4 mm crystal hot fix rhinestones (3 to 4 pkgs necessary)
  • V35818-01 15mm white padded headband
  • 1105-10 Hot Glue Gun


Begin by reviewing my Helpful Hints and Tips for using the Rhinestone Setter.

Next, draw a line down the center of the satin padded headband using chalk, pencil, or light fabric pen.bridal_veil_1

Attach rhinestones using the Darice Rhinestone Setter to each side of the line (spaced close together).bridal_veil_2

Take the veil out of the package.  To remove the wrinkles I left it hanging in the bathroom for several days.  The steam from the shower worked great.  However, if you are pressed for time either bring it to the dry cleaners or use a hand steamer.

Once veil is wrinkle free remove air comb from the veil. (The hair comb is just attached with a few elastic loops.)  When hair comb is detached hot glue the veil to the bottom of the headband.bridal_veil4

The headband is now ready for your big day.  Store the bridal piece somewhere so that the veil is hanging and does not get wrinkled.bridal_veil_5

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