Glam Up Your Shoes with Hot-Fix Rhinestones

I went to a wedding last month and saw a woman with the most darling shoes.  The heel of her shoes were bedazzled with rhinestones.  Every time she moved on the dance floor the shoes were so sparkly it reminded me of Cinderella.

I decided to put a little sparkle onto the heels of my shoes.  I knew I didn’t want too many sparkles, but just subtle rhinestones for a little shine.



I first read the instructions for the Hot-Fix setter and laid out my materials on a protected surface.

Open the rhinestone package and spread out the rhinestones for easier handling.  If your heels have been previously worn, I would clean them with a damp towel and let dry before you work with them.
Following the instructions on the Hot-Fix setter, pick up one rhinestone at a time and place on the heel. Using a toothpick or your nails, carefully adjust the rhinestone into the proper position.  Use caution as rhinestone may still be hot.
I also wanted to put my monogram on the bottom of the shoe.  I love this idea and it adds a little surprise.  First I drew out a T with a black marker (use a light colored pencil if you are working with a light colored heel).
Using the Hot-Fix Setter, set the rhinestones in place.
The glue dries almost instantly and you have custom monogrammed sparkly shoes.

How cute would these be for a wedding or any special occasion.  I had so much fun with my Hot-Fix setter, I’m thinking on what I should  use it on next.

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