DIY Chalkboard Tags

Have you seen the chalkboard tags that you can use on gifts, bottles, etc?  They’re typically used to label drinks or supplies.  Some of them can be a little pricey and most of them are in black.  Today, I thought we’d make some of our own chalkboard tags and in fun colors of your choice.  Let’s take a look!

DIY-Chalkboard-Tags-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own DIY chalkboard tags:supply-list

Step One:  Drill holes into your wooden tags.  I used a drill bit sized at 5/64.  For these wood tags, I placed a hole on each side.  Depending on the size of your tags, you might want to have only one in the center.

DIY-chalkboard-tags-Crafts-Unleashed-2Step Two:  Paint the wooden tags.  I used a khaki, light blue and coral acrylic paint.

DIY-chalkboard-tags-Crafts-Unleashed-3I also made a couple with black chalkboard paint too.

DIY-chalkboard-tags-Crafts-Unleashed-4Step Three:  Sand your edges (optional).  I like mine to look a little ‘less new’, so I decided to sand all my edges and expose the wood a tiny bit.

DIY-chalkboard-tags-Crafts-Unleashed-5Step Four:  Apply Clear Chalkboard Coating.  The tags that we painted with acrylic paint will now need a coat of this clear magic {hee-hee}.  It will turn any paint into a chalkboard!

Please Note:  If you use a chalkboard or chalk paint, you can skip this step.

DIY-chalkboard-tags-Crafts-Unleashed-6Step Five:  Attach twine.  I used a piece of twine measured at 8-1/2″.  Insert each end of your twine or string through your holes and knot.  You’re done!

DIY-chalkboard-tags-Crafts-Unleashed-1I think these DIY chalkboard tags would make the perfect addition to colorful birthday parties or holiday celebrations!  Happy crafting, friends.

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