Color Blocked Tea Storage Box

Color blocked diy boxI’ve been wanting to have a tea party for a while: one where you dress up in a spring dress, sip tea out of elegant cups and nibble on cucumber sandwiches. Though I haven’t planned it, I thought I’d better get started by preparing some tea party must-haves, such as this adorable tea box.

DIY box tea holderSupplies needed to make your own color blocked DIY box:

Remove all metal fixtures from the box with a screwdriver, and put the screws in a safe place. Then, lightly sand down and dust off your box. Mask off half of the height of the box.
01Paint the top and sides of the box all white. It’s okay to be messy here – your painter’s tape will prevent you from making mistakes!

DIY box 02Once the paint is dry, remove the tape. Then, mask off the top of the box and paint the bare sides of just the top in your contrast color. Let this paint dry as well.

Next, line your stencil up on top of the box so that it’s flush to the box’s edge. You can either use a foam dauber here and stamp in your metallic paint colors, or you can use a pencil to outline the stencil and then carefully paint within the edges.

03Since my stencil was plastic (and slippery) I decided to do the latter.

04I painted accents in silver first, then went back and painted the larger areas in gold.

04To finish off the box, you can seal off the wood with a coat of acrylic sealer, mod podge, or just leave it as-is. Screw the hinges back on, insert tea, and you’re ready for your next tea party!

03 diy box

05 diy boxNext step: making some homemade tea satchels!


  1. Barb Branc says

    I would store in my tea box some of my favorite things to make my favorite cards. id supply one complete card and enough parts for a few more cards to be made. Including gems, ribbons, ink pad ,small punch & rubber stamp that says “HAVE A HAPPY DAY” . then i would give it to a friend or co worker as a gift who needs a pick me up or just a time out. WHAT A COOL GIFT!!

  2. SherryD says

    First off I love your ideas! I also wanted to tell you that I keep getting warned away from your site by Web of Trust. I ignored it,(obviously) and rated it as safe. I just thought you should know.


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